While a substance use disorder involves various physical symptoms, there are often underlying psychological issues as well. Fortunately, high-quality therapeutic health services can lay the foundation for health and sobriety. Explore the services available at PACE Mental Health Houston substance use disorder therapy and learn how substance abuse therapy can help.

Defining Substance Use Disorder

Woman trying to overcome substance use disorder with a Houston substance use disorder therapy psychiatristOne of the hardest aspects of a substance use disorder is recognizing that there’s a problem in the first place. For instance, many people around the world consume alcohol, but not all of them struggle with alcohol abuse. Sadly, many individuals with the disorder try to justify their consumption.

A substance use disorder might be apparent if a person can’t stop use or cut back. It could also be a problem if substance abuse is becoming the primary focus in life. Once a substance use disorder has developed, things like work, family, and health can take a backseat. Once this happens, it’s time to take action and seek mental health therapy.

Exploring the Underlying Issues

Substance use disorders don’t just appear out of thin air. They can develop for many reasons, including an existing mental health disorder, a history of trauma, and an inability to handle stress. Therefore, Houston substance use disorder therapy has to go deeper than just the issue of substance abuse. In order to be effective for a lifetime, it needs to address why individuals began abusing substances in the first place.

Sometimes, the issue is directly tied to a mental health disorder. Treating the mental health condition can immediately have a positive impact on substance abuse. In other cases, patients need to resolve a history of trauma or behavioral issues that are leading to overwhelming stress. A comprehensive approach that addresses psychological and behavioral health is the best way to conquer substance abuse once and for all.

The Need for Dual Diagnosis Therapy

When two or more co-occurring disorders that require attention, dual diagnosis therapy is the best solution. This therapeutic method is simply a means of addressing two or more conditions simultaneously. It’s a more holistic approach because it recognizes the individual as a whole. Instead of trying to address substance abuse and then trying to treat any mental health issues, it combines the two. By recognizing and treating both at the same time, patients have a better chance at successful and lasting recovery at a Houston substance use disorder therapy psychiatrist.

Overcoming Substance Use Disorders

Substance abuse therapy is similar to other therapeutic health services. It often starts with a thorough evaluation. This is a wonderful opportunity for patients and medical professionals to get to know one another and discuss the reason for therapy.

Often, talk and psychotherapy will be helpful in the fight against substance abuse. Additionally, medication can also be beneficial for some patients. Ultimately, post-therapy success hinges on being able to develop coping mechanisms. This is key to relapse prevention, stronger mental health, and living a more fulfilling life.

PACE Houston Substance Use Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

With a PACE Mental Health Houston substance use disorder psychiatrist, therapy takes on many forms. Every individual patient can expect a personalized approach to his or her recovery. That means a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness as well as a variety of therapies.

Our Houston behavioral health services include:

Substance abuse disorder therapy is about far more than ending substance abuse. It’s about finding true wellness and mental health. At PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, patients can work toward freedom and fulfillment in all areas of life. Make an appointment today with a Houston substance use disorder psychiatrist: call 866.971.8423.