Serious mental health issues become difficult to manage without some form of therapy. Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is one remedy that can help individuals get their lives back on track. PACE Mental Health Houston uses this clinically proven therapy to combat the debilitating effects of many mental health issues. We also offer skills classes for adults and adolescents in order to help reduce daily distress.

How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Works

Commonly referred to as DBT, this comprehensive cognitive disorder therapy approach focuses on using acceptance-based and problem-solving strategies. Participants accomplish improvement through different components based on the unique needs of each individual.

Woman undergoing dialectical behavior therapy DBTSome people benefit more from group therapy sessions where they learn behavioral skills to deal with their condition, while others benefit from individual therapy where they meet one-on-one with a therapist. However, most people benefit from having both as part of their therapy plan.

During these sessions, patients learn distress tolerance, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness. People with an array of severe mental health issues learn techniques that help them achieve their goals while progressing toward positive lasting change.

For instance, learning about interpersonal effectiveness helps people find ways to meet their needs. They develop techniques to minimize relationship conflicts while setting healthy boundaries. Through mindfulness, people practice being fully present. Meditation and grounding techniques help them achieve this level of awareness.

The Four Stages of DBT

Dialectical behavior therapy works in different stages that help patients progress toward healing. Initially, experts believed DBT was only effective for people suffering from extreme emotional issues and suicidal tendencies. Over time, however, they discovered that this type of therapy can help patients overcome a myriad of psychiatric disorders.

The first stage focuses on stabilization. Building a foundation for success is crucial for a person who has been dealing with self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Feeling like you are at the lowest point in life requires safety and crisis intervention. The goal is to identify any additional disorders that might be present. This stage also helps a person achieve some level of control over their problematic behaviors.

Although a person enters the second stage with more stability, he or she has only begun to address mental health issues. These issues tend to make it easy to bottle up emotions. Therapy now teaches a person the power of expression.

Talking about emotions opens the opportunity to cope with underlying issues. Otherwise, emotional pain and traumatic memories can trap a person in unhealthy patterns.

The third stage combines the two previous stages as the patient learns how to successfully solve problems. They focus on enhancing their quality of life with reasonable goal setting. Their therapist helps them by promoting stability and happiness.

During the final stage of DBT, patients get the chance to improve their skills. They get help in reconnecting with loved ones while also forming new bonds.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Rebuild Quality of Life

Quality of life diminishes as people try to deal with mental health challenges alone. For this reason, addressing issues and behaviors that interrupt relationships, employment, or financial stability is important.  During high-quality mental health therapy, patients can learn to live again.

PACE Mental Health Houston uses DBT as part of our Houston behavioral health services to help individuals overcome various mental health challenges, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorder

Find the Relief You’re Seeking at PACE Mental Health Houston

Your life is worth living. A mental health disorder should not distract you from being whole. Through our therapeutic health and counseling services, you can find a new beginning. Call PACE Mental Health Houston today at 866.971.8423 to get through the pain without creating more suffering.