A Cigna psychiatrist is one that accepts Cigna insurance, is part of the Cigna network, or is available as an out of network provider if you have Cigna insurance. If you’re looking for a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston, Texas, PACE Mental Health could be the right option. Take a closer look at why your choice of psychiatrist should work with your insurance plan and what kind of therapy you can expect from a psychiatrist in the Houston area.

Finding a Cigna Psychiatrist In Houston So You Can Stay in Network

A man sits in therapy with a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston thanks to his Cigna mental health coverageIf you’re looking for a Cigna psychiatrist, it is probably because you have health insurance through Cigna. When you have a health insurance plan through a specific provider like Cigna, you have access to their particular networks of providers. A network is made up of doctors and other medical professionals who have working relationships with Cigna.

If you take a closer look at your health insurance plan, you might see that costs for in-network providers are different for out of network providers. First, keep in mind that you can use both in-network and out-of-network services. It is up to you to choose the best mental health care available, and that may or may not be in your network.

However, there can be some financial issues to consider. Typically, working with a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston that is in-network means your insurance provider will handle the billing process. If you choose to make an appointment with a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston that is out of network, then the billing might fall to you. You may need to pass bills back and forth, or you might have to pay up front and then be reimbursed by Cigna later on.

What Does Your Cigna Mental Health Coverage Include?

Before meeting with a Cigna psychiatrist, most individuals have one big concern: What are my out of pocket costs going to be? Ultimately, the best way to tell is to take a close look at your individual health insurance policy. Rest assured that there will be some kind of Cigna mental health coverage. Mental health is part of essential overall wellness, and laws in the United States ensure that every policy offers some sort of care.

Some policies require policyholders to pay a deductible before coverage kicks in. In other cases, there are copays with each therapy session. There can also be caps on annual or lifetime care, which could be significant for anyone who has needed extensive therapy in the past. Checking your individual policy is the best way to see exactly what kind of Cigna mental health coverage is available for you.

When to Meet With a Psychiatrist

Despite campaigns to increase awareness, there can still be a stigma attached to seeing a psychiatrist. This is unfortunate, and it might stop individuals from getting the help they need. However, there are plenty of good reasons to visit a Cigna psychiatrist.

To start, some individuals are taking medication but not seeing the results they expect. If you met with a doctor and they prescribed medication for depression or anxiety, for example, you might want to see more significant improvements. Alternatively, you might want someone to talk to. Meeting with a psychiatrist means the chance to open up without fear of judgment.

Of course, a psychiatrist can also help you tackle bigger issues. If you’re experiencing paranoia or you’re abusing substances, medical support can help. From eating disorder therapy to Houston sleep therapy, a psychiatrist can make a big difference.

Services Available at PACE Mental Health Houston

At PACE Mental Health Houston, you can find a wide range of therapies and programs designed for people, not just their symptoms. Whether you’re struggling with a personality disorder, a substance abuse disorder or an eating disorder, there are answers available. Plus, anyone struggling with more than one issue can try out dual diagnosis support. Just some of the therapies available are as follows:

If you have a Cigna health insurance plan, then choosing a Cigna psychiatrist could seem like the right fit. At PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, you can find the right psychiatrist for your health and your health insurance coverage. Call 866.971.8423 to explore therapy and support options today.