When people hear the term “holistic care,” natural healing methods typically come to mind. However, there’s more to holistic therapy than that. In fact, holistic healing is more about the quest for optimal wellness and health. Having a better understanding of it is crucial in making it work.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

A woman receives a massage as part of her Houston holistic therapyTo understand the benefits of Houston holistic therapy, people have to know what it means. The word comes from the Greek word “holos,” which means all, entire or whole. With this in mind, holistic care refers to healing that encompasses the whole body.

However, what does it mean to encompass the entire body regarding healing? It means that healing doesn’t just focus on the physical and mental aspects of care. It also focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects. Some experts believe that healing must address all of these areas to provide people with complete care.

The Principles of Holistic Healing

Holistic therapy focuses on the idea that unconditional support and love are among the best tools for healing. It also focuses on the idea that people are ultimately responsible for their own well-being and health. Despite that, holistic therapy focuses on other principles such as:

  • All people have natural healing power
  • Care that involves both alleviating symptoms and addressing the cause of the symptoms
  • Healing takes a team approach
  • People are more than diseases that need attention
  • True healing addresses all aspects of people’s lives

These core beliefs and principles separate Houston holistic therapy from standard care. However, some of the wording may lead people to believe that this type of healing doesn’t have a basis in evidence or facts.

For example, the principle that everyone has natural healing powers makes holistic healing seem unbelievable. However, the body does have the ability to heal itself. People see it all the time. When they get sick, their bodies fight off the illness over time.

This idea extends beyond the common cold. Given the right tools, the body can manage many physical and mental problems.

Is Holistic Care Effective?

Before people search for Houston holistic therapy services, they often want to know if it’s effective. Researchers have done many studies on holistic therapy to determine its benefits. It turns out that it’s an excellent option for people who suffer from both physical and mental illnesses.

With that said, researchers suggest that holistic programs work best as a complement to traditional offerings. With mental disorders, for example, holistic care can aid traditional methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy. The key is for people to find the right mix of options.

PACE Mental Health Houston Offers the Best of Both Worlds

At PACE Mental Health Houston, we know the importance of traditional and holistic therapy. That’s why we offer both of these methods while creating unique programs. This combination gives you a level of care that you can’t get anywhere else. Our goal is to address adult and adolescent mental health problems one step at a time.

PACE Mental Health Houston addresses a variety of mental conditions. We even offer dual diagnosis programs if you struggle with more than one mental health issue. Some of the unique services that we provide include:

Don’t attempt to deal with your mental health problem alone. Learn more about how holistic therapy can benefit you during psychological health care. Call the experts at PACE Mental Health Houston at 866.971.8423 for more information.