PACE Mental Health Houston uses various methods to treat people suffering from unresolved emotional trauma and mental illness. For many people who suffer from chronic trauma symptoms, raw emotional issues can cause long-term survival reactions. Talk therapy alone may not be enough to resolve their unsettling symptoms. During mental health therapy, EMDR therapy can effectively relieve stress while helping people rethink negative beliefs.

What Is EMDR Therapy?

Man taking part in EMDR therapy with clinical professionalLiving through disturbing life events can lead to conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Short for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, EMDR therapy enables individuals to heal from the emotional distress and symptoms this condition causes.

During EMDR therapy, individuals go through eight phases with a licensed therapist. These phases begin with the person’s mental health history and developing a therapy plan. Care continues through seven more stages that include:

  • Preparation
  • Assessment
  • Desensitization
  • Installation
  • Body scan
  • Closure
  • Reevaluation

While progressing through each phase, individuals begin to feel less anxious. Eventually, their once-debasing life experience becomes empowering. The goal is to not only close open wounds but to also transform a person’s life.

EMDR treatment involves targeting a specific memory and mastering eye movement exercises. Patients learn to use an eye movement and brain connection. This connection desensitizes their agonizing response to the negative situation.

To some, EMDR may sound like vision therapy for patients. However, this process is more about their outlook on life than what they see with their eyes.

Processing gives patients the chance to digest and store problematic experiences in their brain. EMDR goes a step further than simply talking about these experiences. Patients see what was useful about an experience while storing appropriate emotions in their brains. During this process, they also learn to discard negative emotions.

Principles of EMDR Treatment

Borrowing from different forms of psychotherapy, EMDR therapy has specific principles and techniques to increase its effectiveness. One principle is to focus on the relationship between the person and therapist.

Obviously, a positive therapeutic relationship improves the chances of the person achieving success. A bond of trust and mutual respect grows between the person and the therapist. This bond is achieved, in part, because the therapist tries to understand the person’s point of view.

Another principle is that EMDR is an action-oriented psychotherapy. Being actively involved in therapy sessions gives the person an opportunity to put their learned and practiced activities to work.

Learning continues with the third principle: homework. Therapists assign projects for the person to complete, which typically involves more practice. They discuss the results of using skills and techniques in real-life situations.

PACE Mental Health Houston’s behavioral health services can guide a person through each phase of EMDR. We help them with disturbing memories of the past, connect to present problems, and prepare for a hopeful future.

EMDR Therapy Exposes the Hidden Prison of Trauma

It is hard for the brain to function normally when a traumatic incident emotionally overwhelms someone. The person becomes “stuck” in the emotion. Remembering the incident triggers thoughts, sights, and sounds.

Memories feel so overwhelming that the person relives the event as intense as when it occurred. The negative impact changes how a person relates to self and others. Their trauma also changes how they view the world.

EMDR offers a safe, powerful, and effective method to alleviate the psychological impact that could have long-term effects.

For instance, a person dealing with bipolar disorder can benefit from EMDR therapy. As part of their bipolar therapy plan, they can leave feelings of hopelessness and unwanted thoughts behind.

It’s Okay to Admit You Need Help

Asking for help isn’t easy when you feel unable to move past debilitating mental health challenges. Don’t let that stop you. PACE Mental Health Houston is here to ensure you don’t deal with the illness by yourself.

Our therapeutic health and counseling services can help you resolve the mental condition plaguing your life. At PACE Houston, our professional staff evaluates your situation and recommends the appropriate therapy plan.

We meet your mental health needs with services such as:

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