When individuals struggle with substances like heroin or other opioids, it can be dangerous to abruptly cease consumption. As a safer alternative to quitting cold turkey, Suboxone treatment can aid patients in conquering their addiction once and for all. At PACE Mental Health Houston, we employ this approach as part of a comprehensive medication-assisted therapy plan.

What Is Suboxone?

Elated woman who benefitted from Suboxone treatmentSuboxone is a prescription medication that can help with opioid dependence. When individuals rely on prescription opioid painkillers or drugs like heroin to function, Suboxone can be a valuable short-term alternative. Suboxone is usually offered in a licensed medical setting through responsible medication therapy management. Professionals ensure that they prescribe the appropriate dosages to ensure that the drug is working effectively. The goal of Suboxone treatment is to eventually wean users off of opioid use.

Counseling that Supplements Medication-Assisted Therapy

While medication-assisted therapy can be a valuable part of therapeutic health services, substance abuse is rarely a standalone condition. Instead, it develops because of—or alongside—other mental health and behavioral health concerns. While trading heroin for Suboxone might be a step in the right direction, it doesn’t go beyond the physical. Relying on any drug means that there are deeper problems worth exploring.

Therefore, evidence-based counseling should supplement Suboxone treatment. Individual, group and family therapy help identify the real issues behind the substance abuse.

Uncovering the Reasons Behind Substance Abuse

There are so many reasons that a patient might struggle with substance abuse. Trauma, violence, mental health, and stress management are just some of the common factors that can contribute to the development of a substance use disorder, or SUD.

Sometimes, a SUD develops because of an existing mental health concern. For example, those struggling with undiagnosed depression or anxiety may turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. Of course, substance abuse only makes existing problems worse.

What to Expect From Suboxone Treatment

In addition to Suboxone treatment, patients need access to a range of psychiatric services. For instance, many patients benefit from dual diagnosis therapy for co-occurring disorders. By addressing the underlying issues, many patients can begin to break free from substance abuse and find freedom, health, and sobriety for a lifetime.

Suboxone Treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you’re searching for Houston behavioral health services, consider PACE Mental Health Houston for your needs. With flexible appointments, short wait times, and customizable therapeutic approaches, we offer hope to patients with various mental health issues. Patients and their loved ones can expect all of the following from PACE Mental Health:

  • Comprehensive services for all psychiatric disorders
  • Mental and behavioral health therapies
  • Dual diagnosis therapy for co-occurring disorders
  • A continuum of care that extends beyond standardized therapy

Learn how Suboxone treatment can help you or someone you love begin a new life. Call PACE Mental Health Houston today at 866.971.8423.