Performing daily tasks become difficult for the person suffering from an adjustment disorder. It can create a great deal of impairment and disruption in a person’s life. When it comes to seeing a PACE Mental Health Houston adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist, we offer flexible appointments and short wait times for anyone who needs help coping with changes. We acknowledge that a person struggling with mental health issues needs guidance working toward a more stable life.

We’ve designed our mental health clinic to address every aspect of an adjustment disorder. Our PACE Houston adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist implements therapeutic modalities to alleviate distressing symptoms and restore healthy functioning in daily activities.

Diagnosing an Adjustment Disorder

Man who is seeing a houston adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist is looking out the window Diagnosing an adjustment disorder involves identifying any major life stressors a person is experiencing. For instance, people commonly move to another city for a promotion or marriage. However, such changes impact certain individuals more than others.

Diagnosis depends on how and when a person reacts to a life stressor. Behavioral and emotional responses usually develop within three months of the stressor onset. These symptoms seem excessive when compared to what experts consider a normal reaction.

Symptoms that significantly impair a person’s job, school performance, or social interactions are likely because they are having problems adjusting.

Mental and physical symptoms related to this condition may include:

  • Feelings of sadness, hopelessness or trapped
  • Withdrawn attitude
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle trembling or twitches

Additionally, it’s important to rule out other reasons for the person’s symptoms. Diagnosis may be acute (lasting less than six months) or chronic (lasting longer than six months). Without proper care and attention, this disorder can lead to financial difficulties, job loss, and strained interpersonal relationships. Some people may also experience the onset of symptoms of other psychiatric disorders.

Risk Factors for Experiencing an Adjustment Disorder

Trying to adjust to a major life change isn’t the only way a person may fit the criteria for diagnosis. Individuals may also be at risk of developing an adjustment disorder if they have lingering stress from a traumatic event. For example, living through a natural disaster or being a victim of a violent crime could trigger symptoms.

Other mental health conditions may occur alongside this disorder. Social anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are just a few conditions that may also be present.

Experts at PACE Mental Health look past the official diagnosis so we can treat the whole person. Dual diagnosis therapy allows us to address more than one issue at the same time.

Therapy with a Houston Adjustment Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

During adjustment disorder therapy, sessions target comparable behaviors and emotions before the stressful event. Doing this can help patients achieve a level of normal functioning in their daily lives.

Other goals often center around the patient’s social supports. This may include family, friends and their community. Sessions explore the person’s problem-solving and coping skills in dealing with stress.

During therapy, therapists work with patients to set realistic goals. These professionals help patients understand the role they play in the stressors. Reinforcing positive steps and teaching them new ways of coping or avoiding future stressors is helpful.

Why Choose PACE Mental Health Houston?

Adjustment disorder, like other mental illnesses, will progress in severity unless there are proper interventions. As symptoms worsen, damaging consequences rob a person of their ability to function at their best. Our Houston behavioral health services include time-tested therapies to disrupt the downward spiral.

A qualified PACE Mental Health Houston adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist provides a spectrum of therapies to help you adjust to life’s changes. During mental health therapy, our therapists use a variety of techniques, including:

Don’t let the symptoms of this disorder take over your life. One call to our clinic at 866.971.8423 can change things for the better. A Houston adjustment disorder therapy psychiatrist can help you take back control and live a mentally healthy life.