It’s not unusual to forget things from time to time. Some people forget the name of a person they just met, while others forget to buy something at the grocery store. Missing a close relative’s birthday or forgetting a new phone number are also common occurrences. However, if forgetfulness starts becoming a common occurrence, it may point to a need for a qualified Houston memory problems therapy psychiatrist.

Although memory occurs in the brain, it’s not limited by the brain. Other things in a person’s surroundings may influence their ability to make memories and retrieve them at the right time. Processes such as emotional, social, environmental, and physiological can affect how a person’s memory functions in everyday life. Cognitive processes that affect reasoning, decision-making, and perception are other areas connected to memory functioning.

Living with or caring for someone with memory problems can be challenging. Fortunately, the specialists at PACE Mental Health Houston are dedicated to ensuring anyone who seeks our services receive a proper diagnosis. We provide the appropriate care plan for Houston memory problems therapy to help them enjoy a full life worth remembering.

Mental Disorders That Can Cause Memory Problems

Frustrated woman looking for a houston memory problems therapy psychiatristKnowing the symptoms of various psychiatric disorders helps with understanding the causes of memory loss. A full examination and official diagnosis are best to ensure a person receives proper therapy.

Most people automatically assume that signs of memory loss will lead to an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if the person is younger and experiences short-term or long-term memory loss. There are other disorders that may cause memory lapses. Identifying and treating the correct issue can help improve the person’s memory.

Anxiety is one mental problem that causes short-term memory loss. Normally, a psychiatrist may diagnose this type of mental disorder. They may even prescribe medication to help balance the hormone in their brain that anxiety usually affects. When combined with beneficial therapeutic health and counseling services, patients have the best chance of seeing change.

Addressing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder During Memory Problems Therapy

Memory problems are a universal symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The condition can manifest itself in different forms. Some people have amnesia about all or part of their trauma experience. Others form traumatic memories and are unable to store new information.

These problems can interfere with a person’s ability to learn in a work or school setting. For some people with PTSD, remembering what they hear is affected more strongly than what they see. Receiving PTSD therapy alongside Houston memory problems therapy can change the prognosis of a person’s memory.

Depression and Memory Problems

Several areas of cognitive deficits can affect people dealing with depression. Memory impairment is one of the most profound areas. It’s not uncommon when a person is suffering from depression that they also complain of short or long-term memory loss. Eventually, this type of impairment to the memory affects the person’s everyday life. Work performance and interpersonal relationships may suffer.

Keeping the focus solely on alleviating symptoms is not a long-term solution for memory problems. PACE Mental Health Houston is uniquely prepared to deliver comprehensive services to identify and address the root causes. Our professionals empower patients to achieve long-term wellness from memory problems.

Your Care Begins With A Houston Memory Problems Therapy Psychiatrist

An assessment is crucial when changes to your cognitive abilities stand out from normal behaviors. Waiting until the condition begins to affect daily functioning could cause a treatable illness to worsen. This is why Houston memory problems therapy is so important.

It can be a scary experience when memory problems begin to develop. Attributing the problem with a normal part of aging may limit therapy options, especially if the person is relatively young.

Our Houston behavioral health services can diagnose and treat memory disorders and possible related issues. Some of these issues include:

Don’t wait until you or your loved one’s memory problems get worse. Reach out to our PACE Mental Health Houston memory problems therapy psychiatrist today at 866.971.8423 to begin your journey to healing.