When substance abuse and mental health issues collide, it’s important to acknowledge both issues before they get worse. For example, those who suffer from opioid abuse may benefit from the use of a Vivitrol shot as a part of their therapy. The following information will discuss some important facts about substance abuse as it relates to mental health. It will also discuss the best ways to get the help you need now.

What Is Substance Abuse?

The Vivitrol shot has helped many patients overcome opioid dependenceSubstance abuse is the misuse of addictive substances on an ongoing basis. This abuse could include illegal drugs or prescription medications such as opioids. No matter the substance, this action can eventually lead to an addiction. When addiction develops, individuals become unable to stop using because they rely on substances to function.

Connecting Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Many people don’t stop to connect the common issues of mental illness and substance abuse. Co-existing conditions are extremely common among those seeking mental health therapy. In cases where mental illness occurs alongside addiction, it’s essential to give substance use disorder therapy the attention it deserves. A good example of appropriate therapies includes the use of a Vivitrol shot to address opioid addiction, which is common among those experiencing mental health issues.

Signs of a Potentially Serious Problem

In order to determine if your loved one needs the Vivitrol shot to treat a substance use disorder, it’s essential to notice the signs of an addiction. The following signs are commonly seen in those experiencing difficulties with substance abuse in relation to their mental health:

Depression or Anxiety

Severe depression and anxiety can accompany both mental illness and substance abuse. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to expect these symptoms to be severe in cases where the individual is battling both issues at the same time.

Social Withdrawal

Social isolation from others is a serious sign of a problem. Those dealing with the difficulties of both mental health problems and addiction often prefer to separate themselves from beloved people and activities.

Physical and Mental Differences

People suffering from both mental health issues and addiction can go through a lot of obvious changes. These changes can include weight loss, skin problems, improper hygiene, and mood swings.

Trouble with Focus or Mental Clarity

Addictive substances can have a powerful effect on the brain’s ability to function properly. This dysfunction can make it very difficult for a person to focus on the task at hand. The same can be true of those experiencing a mental illness.

Effective Therapeutic Options for Addiction and Mental Illness

Obviously, the therapeutic options for addiction and mental illness are going to be as diverse as the problems themselves. That said, each person should have a therapy plan that highlights their specific needs. The following types of therapies can be useful for these problems:

Medication Assisted Therapy

Medication-assisted therapy is often combined with other therapeutic approaches to ensure the most productive outcome. For example, the use of a Vivitrol shot can prevent opioid addiction relapse.

Counseling Services

Psychotherapy in the form of one-on-one, group, and family counseling is very helpful for managing emotions and understanding complex problems. This type of therapy can provide useful insight that allows a person to make constructive changes to their daily life.

Behavioral Techniques

In combination with a Vivitrol shot to manage difficult addiction symptoms, various behavioral therapies can address underlying thought patterns that influence substance abuse. These types of therapies are also useful for mental illnesses of all types.

Get the Vivitrol Shot at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you or someone you love needs help overcoming a substance use disorder, PACE Mental Health Houston offers the Vivitrol shot as part of our Houston behavioral health services. Addressing the needs of both addiction and mental illness therapy, PACE Houston can provide much-needed relief to those suffering from these problems.

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