Daily living can be difficult if you’re struggling with a mental health disorder. That’s why the best Houston behavioral health services provide well-rounded approaches to healing from the inside out. At PACE Mental Health Houston, it’s our mission to infuse you with the skills, education, and motivation necessary to live a fulfilling life.

Houston Behavioral Health Services

Our services include therapy for the following:

Woman benefitting from our Houston mental health clinic servicesThose who suffer from a mental health disorder might not know where to find the best care. In fact, some people believe that going to a psychiatric clinic shows weakness. Others simply find the process of finding help overwhelming. Additionally, many mental health clinics lack the resources to treat various psychiatric disorders.

However, if you live in the greater Houston area, compassionate care is right around the corner. PACE Mental Health Houston offers comprehensive adult psychiatry services for patients who live in the city and its suburbs. Our clinic offers flexible appointment scheduling and short wait times to ensure individuals get the comprehensive care they need.

Houston Behavioral Health Services For Substance Abuse

Substance abuse disorders often go hand-in-hand with mental illness. Some drugs alter the brain in ways that produce psychiatric conditions. On the other hand, many people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder use substances in order to cope with their disease.

People who suffer from chronic pain can also develop a substance abuse disorder. The opiate-based pain pills that are often prescribed to relieve intense discomfort are habit forming. You might become dependent on them without noticing what’s going on.

However, quitting cold turkey isn’t usually a viable option. Withdrawal can be agonizing, and you’re terrified that you’ll still have to manage the pain. As part of our Houston behavioral health services, we offer medication-assisted therapy in addition to comprehensive individual and group counseling.

A Psychiatric Clinic That Focuses On You

At PACE Mental Health Houston, our clinical professionals provide all patients with the compassion and attention they deserve as they attempt to better their lives. We offer high-quality Therapeutic Health Services, including:

While you’re with us, you’ll learn more about your condition and the triggers that worsen your symptoms. You’ll receive stress and anger management training that will help you develop vital coping skills to navigate everyday life. This can help you stop destructive behaviors before they start and learn where to turn when you need support even after you leave our clinic.

Additionally, PACE Mental Health Houston offers a comprehensive aftercare program that helps you transition back to your normal life. We don’t just wish you a happy future and send you on your way. We provide you with the knowledge and support that you need to maintain a positive outlook and live life the way that you want.

If you or a loved one is looking for behavioral health services in Houston, choose a clinic that can provide the customized care that you require. Call us at 866.971.8423 to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help you maximize your potential.