Do you need Houston social anxiety therapy? The good news is that you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s one of the most common mental health issues that people experience today. Here’s what you need to know about getting help.

Don’t Let Social Anxiety Define You

A forlorn woman realizes that she needs a houston social anxiety therapy psychiatristExperts who’re providing Houston social anxiety therapy want to give you hope. Right now, you struggle with anxiety when facing situations that involve interactions with others. You’re afraid of making mistakes, undergoing scrutiny, and having people talk about you. Others see you as shy and maybe even unfriendly.

However, this outward appearance is misleading. In fact, you’d like to be a participant in groups. Moreover, you want to have friends and feel comfortable being out with people. Unfortunately, you cannot seem to get past your anxiety.

People seeking out a Houston social anxiety therapy psychiatrist have problems with situations everyone else considers standard interactions. Examples include using a public restroom, ordering at a restaurant, or making a phone call at work. Speaking up in front of others or being the center of attention can also be anxiety triggers. You probably can’t remember the last time that you attended a party or casual get-together.

How a Houston Social Anxiety Therapy Psychiatrist Can Make a Difference

You know that your fears have no logical foundation. When you undergo Houston social anxiety therapy, you learn to move forward. Therapeutic interventions include:

  • A psychiatric assessment and consultation with a specialist
  • One-on-one behavioral counseling that focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy sessions that allow you to practice your coping skills
  • Pharmacological support that helps you take the first steps toward healing
  • Medication therapy management, which ensures that you don’t take any other prescriptions that might interfere with each other

As you go through the therapeutic process, these modalities work together to help you heal. Experts agree that it’s possible to overcome the condition with the right Houston social anxiety therapy psychiatrist.

A Closer Look at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety

You work one-on-one with a therapist. During the sessions, you learn to pinpoint areas of irrational fears and then exchange them with healthier ways of thinking. In the process, you may notice that you have perfectionist tendencies. They might be holding you back from participating at work or school.

Because you’re afraid of measuring up, you remain in the background. In this way, your social anxiety becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. During therapy, you learn to recognize these patterns.

No set schedule determines how quickly you progress through the cognitive behavioral therapy. Everyone with social anxiety has slightly different symptoms as well as varying degrees of severity. That’s why your therapist customizes the therapeutic approach to your needs. Moreover, they factor in the progress you’re making as well.

As you retrain your brain to deviate from its automatic negativity, you learn new things about yourself. You might recognize that you’re a good speaker. You develop a more realistic view of your abilities and shortcomings. This process readies you for group sessions.

Does There Have to Be Group Therapy?

Behavioral therapy groups are essential in Houston social anxiety therapy. Right now, you’re probably telling yourself that there’s no way you can participate. However, by the time you’ve undergone some cognitive behavioral therapy, you’ll surprise yourself. The groups are an integral part of healing.

These aren’t support groups. Instead, they’re process groups. Participants are friendly, non-judgmental, and working on healing themselves. The group gives you an opportunity to practice coping skills that you’ll later use when you’re out in public. Each group activity is a strategy that helps you deal with a different aspect of your social anxiety.

Healing Starts When You Reach Out

You already know PACE Mental Health Houston as a premier Houston stress management counseling office. Now, you also know it as a Houston social anxiety therapy hub. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take the steps necessary to overcome this condition? Call 866.971.8423 today to connect with a friendly intake specialist who helps you to get started.