Everyone deals with a certain level of stress in everyday life. While experiencing stress is normal, it shouldn’t be overwhelming on a daily basis. If you don’t have the skills or techniques for stress management, it could be negatively impacting your life. Take a closer look at stress management counseling and how it can improve your happiness.

The Problem With Too Much Stress

A man takes advantage of the stress management counseling Houston TX providesThere are many different factors in life that can cause stress. Work deadlines, financial problems, going through a divorce, or losing a job are just some of the common causes of stress. While it is impossible to avoid stress altogether, no one should be drowning under pressure that they can’t handle or manage.

Dealing with too much stress isn’t just unpleasant: It is unhealthy. Stress can cause you to lose or gain weight rapidly, and it can also lead to insomnia. It can cause anxiety, depression, and anger issues. Stress can even lead to physical health problems.

Clearly, too much stress is a major concern. The good news is that the stress counseling Houston TX offers at PACE Mental Health Houston can transform the way that you deal with stress.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

One of the stress management counseling techniques you might try is called diaphragmatic breathing. While you already take thousands of breaths each day, most of those are through your nose. While that gives you the oxygen you need, it doesn’t fully engage the diaphragm.

Diaphragmatic breathing is also known as belly breathing. That’s because it causes your stomach to rise and fall with each breath, rather than your chest. This type of breathing can lower your heart rate and your blood pressure, and it is a proven way to reduce stress levels.

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga

Stress management counseling may also emphasize mindfulness. This is all about slowing down and noting exactly how you feel. Through the counseling Houston TX offers, you can find out which forms of mindfulness and relaxation can help the most.

You might find that daily meditation makes the biggest difference. Or, you might discover that yoga is the best way to help you manage stress. This is often about trial and error, so it might take some time to find the right choice for you.

Improved Planning Techniques

One of the best ways to improve stress management is to learn how to plan more effectively. Planning ahead can reduce stress levels, but learning to plan isn’t always straightforward. Stress management counseling can teach you how to organize your life, understand potential pitfalls in your schedule, and manage your time more effectively. All of that can help you feel less stressed on a daily basis.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a proven technique for all kinds of individuals. Successful business executives and world-class athletes use this technique to imagine winning a game or leading a department. Guided imagery can also help you imagine a successful day where you don’t get bogged down or derailed by stress.

With guided imagery, you can prepare for stressful events. When it comes time to confront a stressful event or situation, you’ll already know how to respond calmly and effectively. Guided imagery can help you through the toughest situations and the most triggering moments in your life.

Finding Customized Coping Mechanisms for Stress

It’s worth noting that no two people face the same kinds of stress, nor do they deal with that stress in the same way. The way that you manage stress might be unique, and you deserve custom mechanisms for stress management.

For you, daily walks or classes at the gym might be necessary. You might also find that regular massages, group support meetings, or calling loved ones on the phone can help.

Stress Management Counseling at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you’re looking for stress counseling Houston TX offers, then PACE Mental Health Houston can help. Stress management counseling can involve all types of support, and you can also get help for co-occurring disorders. Some of the many types of help and counseling available include:

From Houston panic attack therapy to stress management counseling, PACE Mental Health Houston can help. Call 866.971.8423 to learn more about coping with stress and living life to the fullest.