Medication therapy management, or MTM, allows medical professionals to maximize positive therapeutic outcomes. It also minimizes the misuse of prescription medications by involving pharmacists in a patient’s therapeutic plan.

This direct approach to therapy creates a strong relationship between the pharmacist and the patient. Pharmacists do an initial assessment of the patient, doctor’s orders, diagnosis, and prescription. They continue to educate patients and make sure they take the drugs safely.

How PACE Mental Health Houston Uses Medication Therapy Management

Man receiving medication therapy managementAt PACE Mental Health Houston, we believe that our patients’ needs come first. Maintaining this mindset is of utmost importance during medication therapy management.

In addition to ensuring that prescribed medications are working, MTM helps our professionals decide whether to administer the drugs at all. Alternative forms of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based approaches, may be recommended.

Individuals who take medicine for chronic conditions may be especially tricky to treat if they also have a substance abuse disorder. Giving them a less powerful medication might lead them to seek a stronger source elsewhere.

Through MTM, patients can take the medication that will best relieve their symptoms while their drug use is continually assessed. This can help individuals manage their condition.

High-Quality Houston Behavioral Health Services

At PACE Mental Health Houston, patients receive comprehensive and individualized care for all psychiatric disorders. Our Houston behavioral health services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and consultation
  • Co-occurring substance use disorder therapy
  • Flexible appointment scheduling

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