Anxiety disorders remain one of the most common psychiatric disorders in America. In fact, statistics indicate that varying degrees of anxiety approximately 40 million people each year. Due to the disorder’s complex nature, anxiety disorder treatment must be versatile in order to meet the needs of patients seeking help. Learn the signs of an anxiety disorder, and discover what’s involved in anxiety therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston.

What Is an Anxiety Disorder?

Husband consoling wife who is need of anxiety disorder treatmentIt’s normal for people to feel anxious when they’re dealing with stressful circumstances. For instance, job interviews, dates, and medical exams can all cause normal anxiety. However, when the level of anxiety exceeds the severity of the situation, individuals may be dealing with an anxiety disorder.

While anxiety is the body’s normal way of dealing with life’s stress, it can feel debilitating when it begins to interfere with daily functioning. At this point, anxiety disorder treatment may be necessary to restore peace to the individual’s life.

Recognizing the Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Are you concerned that you or a loved one may have an anxiety disorder? Recognizing the signs will allow you to seek help immediately. Consider the following common signs:

  • Constantly feeling tense, nervous, or worried
  • Experiencing irrational fears
  • Feeling so anxious that it interferes with work or school
  • Experiencing constant panic attacks
  • Frequently expecting something bad to happen

How Can I Help my Loved One Suffering from Anxiety?

Sometimes the best thing you can do to support a loved one suffering from anxiety is to let them know you care. Continue to provide a listening ear and show your continued support even when you may not fully understand what they’re experiencing. As you work together to seek professional therapy for debilitating anxiety disorders, your empathy and kindness will do a lot to help your loved one feel supported.

What’s Involved in Anxiety Disorder Treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston?

At PACE Mental Health Houston, we offer anxiety disorder treatment that addresses the patient’s well-being instead of the disorder. Due to the complexities that accompany anxiety, our Houston behavioral health services include a combination of multiple therapeutic modalities to effectively deal with the issue and help patients regain a peaceful perspective on life. We offer:

By providing traditional psychiatric services, medication-assisted therapy options, and various therapeutic approaches, PACE Mental Health Houston can provide for the unique needs of each patient seeking help.

Don’t allow mental health disorder to keep you or someone you love from living the life you deserve. The professionals at PACE Mental Health Houston can help you experience a new beginning. Contact us today at 866.971.8423 to schedule an appointment.