Located in the heart of Texas, PACE Mental Health Houston specializes in helping individuals struggling with mental health disorders piece their lives back together. Blending traditional psychiatric services with beneficial holistic practices, PACE Mental Health Houston offers the individualized care and attention patients need to start healing. Learn more about PACE Houston.

Our Behavioral Health Services

Learn more about PACE Houston

No two individuals who struggle with psychiatric disorders and behavioral issues will take the same exact path to healing. Because of this, the experienced, multidisciplinary staff at PACE Mental Health treats each patient as a unique individual. Furthermore, we tailor our approaches to ensure individuals get the most comprehensive therapy possible

Our Houston behavioral health services treat a myriad of issues, including:

  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Child and adolescent behavioral disorders
  • Suicidal, homicidal, and aggressive behaviors
  • Various neurodevelopmental disorders

Healing Begins at PACE Mental Health

If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome the effects of mental illness, compassionate help is available. Call us today at (866) 357-9461 to make an appointment or learn more about PACE Houston.