Statistics indicate that about 1% of the American population struggles with various psychotic disorders. People from the teen years into their early 30’s are most heavily affected by these conditions. Learn about psychotic disorders, and discover how psychotic disorder treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston can help.

What Are Psychotic Disorders?

Group therapy during psychotic disorder treatmentPsychotic disorders are types of psychiatric disorders that impact the way the mind operates on a daily basis. They can make it extremely difficult for the person to think clearly and perform routine tasks. Those suffering from psychotic disorders may have an altered perception of reality that prevents them from reacting to stimuli healthily. Since these tend to be long-term and serious conditions, they often require proper psychotic disorder treatment.

What Are the Common Signs of a Psychotic Disorder?

It’s vital for afflicted individuals and their loved ones to understand the signs that frequently accompany these disorders in order to seek the appropriate help. While the symptoms can vary from person to person, the following signs may indicate a need for psychotic disorder treatment.


Delusions are firmly held beliefs that have no basis in reality. For instance, individuals suffering from a psychotic disorder may believe in far-fetched conspiracy theories, or they may think they suffer from a rare disease. Whatever concept the delusion centers around, there’s no factual evidence to back it up.


Many people suffering from psychotic disorders also experience visual or auditory hallucinations. Faulty stimuli can cause individuals to react in strange ways, as the things they see and hear seem incredibly real.

Incoherent Speech

Since the individual suffering from a psychotic disorder often responds to false stimuli, they may fail to make sense to others when they speak. They may talk about confusing topics or sound incoherent when speaking.

Lack of Emotions

Rather than reacting in a way that’s appropriate to the situation, those suffering from psychotic disorders may seem to have a relatively flat emotional state at any given time.

Withdrawal and Isolation

Those who struggle with a psychotic disorder may begin to withdraw and isolate themselves from other people. They may also lose interest in activities that were once important to them.

Showing Support for a Loved One

One of the most important things you can do for a loved one suffering from a psychotic disorder is to show your continued love, affection, understanding, and support. Individuals facing these challenges may feel isolated and overwhelmed. Offering a listening ear and keeping communication open between the two of you can help your loved one feel more understood. It’s also important to remember that comprehensive Houston behavioral health services exist to provide in-depth psychotic disorder treatment.

Psychotic Disorder Treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston

Proper psychotic disorder treatment is important in helping an individual get back to a more satisfying life. At PACE Mental Health Houston, we take a multidisciplinary approach to psychotic disorder treatment. In addition to extensive therapeutic health services, we’ve found that antipsychotic medications can often reduce the effects of delusions and hallucinations. By combining medication with traditional psychiatric services and other related protocols, PACE Mental Health is equipped to handle the unique needs of each patient seeking therapy.

Don’t let a mental health disorder keep you or a loved one from living the life you want. We can help you get a fresh start. Contact the professionals at PACE Mental Health Houston at 866.971.8423 for more assistance.