When many people think of wellness, they immediately think of physical health. While it’s true that physical health is incredibly important, people shouldn’t overlook their mental health. A mental health clinic like PACE Mental Health Houston can help patients find solutions for mental or behavioral health conditions.

Offering a Clear Diagnosis

Therapy session at our Houston mental health clinicAlthough millions of individuals across the country struggle with mental health, only a small percentage ever receive therapy. The first step is simply to recognize and understand what issue needs to be addressed.

At our Houston mental health clinic, patients start with a comprehensive consultation. This stage gives them an opportunity to talk about current symptoms, concerns, and worries about mental or behavioral health.

Medical professionals can also conduct a psychiatric evaluation. A series of tests and questions can better get to the heart of the issue. Through these two approaches, patients can receive a diagnosis. With a clear diagnosis, it becomes easier for patients to embark on a path to sustainable wellness.

Medication-Assisted Therapy Options

While medication isn’t the only way to combat mental health disorders, it would be naive to ignore the many benefits of medication-assisted therapy. When necessary, certain medications can improve stability and give patients the ability to live healthier and more confident lives. Psychiatrists at our mental health clinic can prescribe the right pharmacological options.

To supplement medication-assisted therapy, PACE Mental Health Houston also offers intensive psychiatric therapy. Depending upon your individual therapy plan, this might include one-on-one talk therapy, behavioral therapy, or group therapy.

Creating a Long-Term Plan for Wellness

At our mental health clinic in Houston, therapy is about more than just finding a quick fix. Instead, the goal is for patients to find a lifelong path to success. That means establishing a plan for continuing support. Our continuum of care can be the ideal way to do exactly that.

The therapeutic services available to patients can make a tremendous impact on overall health. With a plan for continuing care, their benefits can last longer. By developing coping mechanisms, planning for specific challenges, and establishing support systems, it’ll be easier to remain mentally healthy in the years to come.

Seek Change at PACE Mental Health

At PACE Mental Health Houston, patients can expect high-quality therapy for a wide range of mental health issues. Whether individuals are battling a mental health disorder or a behavioral condition, the right medications and therapies can make a big difference.

As you search for Houston behavioral health services, you’ll notice that PACE Mental Health stands out from the crowd. We offer traditional services for all psychiatric disorders, including:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
  • Eating disorders

Our mental health clinic can be the perfect way for patients to find targeted, effective therapeutic health services for a wide range of mental health conditions. To learn more about PACE Houston, call 866.971.8423.