Life can be unpredictable. Individuals can go from happiness to complete turmoil in a very short time. Coping with such abrupt changes becomes overwhelming for some people. Without the help of an adult counseling clinic, the stressors of everyday life consume them.

No one is immune to a traumatic event or crisis. At any given moment, an adult may experience a range of difficulties such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger
  • Memory problems
  • Sleep disorders

Fortunately for adults in Houston, the caring staff of PACE Mental Health can help. We have adult counseling services to treat people with a wide range of psychiatric, emotional, and social needs. Our Houston mental health clinic uses evidence-based therapies to deliver compassionate care while providing support for anyone facing challenging times.

What Is Adult Counseling?

Female therapist leading a session at our adult counseling clinic in HoustonWhile psychiatric disorders can feel debilitating, regaining stability is impossible. Many have grown into adulthood with formed opinions based on life experiences. At PACE Mental Health Houston, our professionals assist patients with ways to enhance their psychological and social functioning.

Accomplishing this requires helping the person give up fixed notions. Counseling sessions support increasing a person’s self-awareness and acceptance while encouraging them to make appropriate behavioral changes.

Ultimately, a troubled person converts to a whole person through counseling sessions. With the right guidance, patients develop coping strategies in order to deal with mental health issues.

Common Concerns That Lead to Adult Counseling

Difficulties managing stress and hardships can manifest in many types of mental health disorders. PACE Mental Health Houston helps ordinary people deal with these struggles. Our use of adult counseling services and techniques in our adult counseling clinic in Houston address issues like the ones mentioned below head-on.

Anger and Stress

Patients struggling with anger management issues need to unlearn their natural responses of excessive rage. Houston anger management techniques and therapy sessions teach them effective and positive ways of controlling their anger.


Anxiety disorders are different from brief, mild nervousness that comes before a first date or public speaking engagement. Adults who need counseling for this condition are filled with uncertainty and fear. Moreover, this disorder can get worse if left untreated. Those who suffer from anxiety disorders should undergo Houston anxiety therapy.


Occasionally feeling sad or blue is normal when it’s short-lived. Severe depression lasts weeks, months, or even years as it interferes with a person’s daily life.  Those who suffer from long-lasting depression should seek Houston depression therapy.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder drives people to have unwarranted fears and unreasonable thoughts. They obsessively perform repetitive behaviors, even as they know their obsession is unreasonable. Trying to stop or ignore these compulsions without Houston obsessive compulsive disorder therapy is very difficult. They need to repeat the behavior to alleviate anxiety and stressful feelings.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. The emotional and mental problems PTSD causes can last for years. Effects of this condition can interfere with a person’s ability to function normally in life. For this reason, those who encounter PTSD symptoms should seek help at a Houston post traumatic stress disorder therapy clinic.

Counseling at PACE Houston for these and other conditions lets a person talk about their thoughts and feelings. We have a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere to effectively manage their issue.

Types of Adult Counseling

Counseling sessions at an adult counseling clinic in Houston aren’t confined to simply one-on-one interactions. Some people also benefit from group and family counseling. Individualized therapy plans based on a person’s needs determine what it takes to change the course of their lives.

Group therapy eliminates isolation because others are going through similar issues. Family therapy can help build a support system at home. Loved ones can understand their responsibility towards the person.

Attentive care and skilled interventions through our Houston behavioral health services are what sets PACE apart from others. We help people overcome challenges that make moving toward a productive and fulfilling life possible.

We Make Your Mental Health and Comfort a Priority

PACE Mental Health Houston helps people uncover their true potential during adult counseling sessions. Our staff at our adult counseling clinic in Houston has extensive experience treating a wide range of mental health disorders with therapies that include:

Stop letting negative perceptions or long-standing behavior patterns rob you of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Call 866.971.8423 to find out how PACE Mental Health Houston’s therapeutic health and counseling services give you a new beginning.