Experts suggest that one of every five adults has a mental illness in the United States. That’s an estimated 43.8 million people who are dealing with a mental condition every year. Unfortunately, not everyone seeks the help that they need to overcome mental conditions because they worry about the cost. Finding an Amerigroup psychiatrist can help.

What Is Amerigroup?

A man talks to an Amerigroup psychiatrist in Houston about Amerigroup mental health coverageAmerigroup is a company that provides insurance and managed health care in 26 states, including Texas. As of 2018, it provided health care to over 7.7 million people. This customer base included those with disabilities, seniors, and those with low incomes.

In 1994, Amerigroup started as Americaid Community Care. Initially, it focused solely on providing coverage for children, pregnant women, and mothers. It wasn’t until 2006 that it started offering programs for low-income families. The following year, it began providing many of the plans that are available today.

Finding an Amerigroup Psychiatrist In Houston Is Easy and Affordable

Finding affordable Amerigroup mental health coverage is effortless thanks to its focus on providing affordable insurance. The company also operates with many psychiatrists across Texas. For these reasons, getting an excellent Amerigroup psychiatrist in Houston is fast and straightforward.

Amerigroup also works with many Texas Medicaid programs, including the Texas CHIP, STAR, and STAR+PLUS. Its focus on quality shows through, thanks to its NCQA Health Plan accreditation. This type of commitment to excellence makes finding Amerigroup mental health coverage painless.

Insurance Policies

Thanks to government legislation, obtaining Amerigroup mental health coverage isn’t difficult. The legislation means that health insurance providers have to offer coverage for mental health care. Just keep in mind that the coverage can vary greatly depending on each policy.

Regardless, when people look for an Amerigroup psychiatrist, their plans might cover part or all of their medical expenses. There’s more than one Amerigroup psychiatrist in Houston whom they can visit. The key is for them to find one who deals specifically with their mental disorder.

What to Consider Before Picking a Health Insurance Plan

Before people can search for an Amerigroup psychiatrist, they have to pick health policies that are right for them. The key is to select ones that are comfortably affordable. Having expensive insurance that they can’t afford doesn’t help them in the long run.

People also have to consider getting policies that cover special and basic health needs. It’s easy to get wrapped up in looking for health care plans that address specific needs. However, they have to remember their basic health care needs throughout the year too.

Finally, when it comes to finding an Amerigroup psychiatrist in Houston, people need to consider the network. Do they want plans that require them to stay in-network? For some, out-of-network psychiatrists are worth paying extra. With the right plan, though, the psychiatrists that they want could be in the network.

Turn to PACE Mental Health Houston Today

At PACE Mental Health Houston, we know how important it is to find a psychiatrist you can count on. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an Amerigroup psychiatrist practice. Being part of this network of doctors allows us to help more people. Of course, we work with other insurance providers and are proud to be a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston as well.

To provide comprehensive care, we offer a wide range of services. In fact, we have traditional psychiatric services for all psychiatric disorders. No matter which mental illness you suffer from, PACE Mental Health Houston can help. Some of our services include:

Don’t struggle with your mental illness just because you don’t think that you can afford it. Learn more about finding the right Amerigroup psychiatrist today. Reach out to PACE Mental Health Houston at 866.971.8423 to let us show you that affordable help is available.