If you’re struggling with a psychiatric disorder, a high-quality mental health clinic could provide the answers you or a loved one have been looking for. At PACE Mental Health Houston, we offer life-changing therapeutic health services to help individuals improve their quality of life and find a new beginning. We treat both adults and adolescents.

Fighting Stigmas Surrounding Mental Health

Woman who achieved stability with therapeutic health servicesNot everyone understands mental health disorders. Some people continue to attach a stigma to those with issues, which causes many of them to delay getting the important therapy they need.

At PACE Mental Health Houston, our qualified professionals believe that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about getting therapy. As part of our therapeutic health services, we offer psychiatric evaluations and consultations to ensure that patients start therapy on the right path.

The Importance of Individual and Group Counseling Services in Adult and Adolescent Psychiatric Care

Once we’ve determined a patient’s needs, we begin crafting the path to healing. We offer a combination of individual and group counseling to ensure that patients receive the best chance at sustainable success.

Taking place in a one-on-one setting, individual counseling provides the foundation for change. Patients develop a meaningful relationship with an empathetic therapist or counselor as they learn how to cope with their mental disorder. During the process, they learn effective coping skills and strategies for navigating through everyday life.

While individual therapy is vital to a patient’s success, group therapy has immense value as well. During group sessions, patients collaborate with peers to express concerns and solve problems. In the process, they develop bonds that extend far beyond therapy. This camaraderie is especially important as individuals transition into a life of independence.

What We Treat

At PACE Mental Health Houston, we offer compassionate care for all forms of mental health disorders, including:

In addition to the above mental health issues, we also treat various child and adolescent disorders, including ADHD, conduct disorder, and other disruptive behaviors.

The Importance of Medication-Assisted Therapy

In some cases, individuals need more than just talk therapy to begin healing. For these individuals, we offer medication-assisted therapy to supplement individual and group counseling. This option allows us to take a whole-person approach to helping people manage mental health issues so that they can experience a more prosperous life. For those struggling with a co-occurring substance use disorder, we’ve found approaches like Suboxone therapy to be particularly beneficial in helping patients re-establish stability.

Additionally, we provide responsible medication therapy management. Our medical professionals can adjust medications or dosages to ensure that patients stay on the right path.

Therapeutic Health Services at PACE

At PACE Mental Health Houston, we offer friendly, convenient, and individualized care for patients of all ages. In addition to our standard therapeutic health services, we also offer an extensive continuum of care to ensure that individuals stay on the right path.

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