Find the right North Houston psychiatrists to help guide you or your adolescent. Today’s adolescents are different from the ones that you grew up with. Getting psychiatric help while maturing into a young adult or while taking on adult responsibilities can make a significant difference.

However, even full-fledged adults can face mental health challenges and need to see a Houston mental health therapy psychiatrist. Often, they feel as if they should be able to handle things on their own. However, these issues can occur at any age.

Societal Changes Cause Adolescents and Adults More Anxiety

Woman seeking North Houston psychiatristsHeadlines about school shootings are becoming commonplace. Social media thrives on inducing panic. Adults feel helpless. Imagine how much more helpless an adolescent feels.

Add to this the peer pressure. In the past, this pressure typically went on during school hours. Today, it continues after school. For example, messenger programs, cell phones, online game-playing, and social media allow for a continuation.

Adult peer pressure runs rampant. Bloggers tell you that you aren’t a good enough parent. Self-help guides question your relationship commitment. Magazines make you doubt your body image.

North Houston psychiatrists routinely see adolescents and adults who feel overwhelmed. It seems impossible to turn off the messages that the various groups send. Perhaps more frighteningly, adults don’t always have an answer. In some cases, people of any age don’t feel like they have anyone to turn to. Luckily, they can seek help at a Houston mental health clinic.

Work with North Houston Psychiatrists for Therapy for Your Teen

You can tell that something’s wrong, but you don’t know how to address it. For a parent, changes in behavioral patterns can be so gradual that they’re easy to miss. What you do see is that your formerly happy preteen is turning angry.

He or she may spend a lot of time away from the rest of the family. The peer group may shift. In some cases, your teen avoids peers altogether. Healthy social connections also seem to become difficult.

Well-meaning friends may tell you that your teenager is going through a phase. And in a few cases that could be correct. But far more frequently, you’re looking at the beginning stages of anxiety or depression. These are mental health conditions that require therapy.

They’re not phases someone outgrows. Your adolescent lacks the coping skills to deal with the problems. Results can eventually be destructive. He or she may attempt self-harm.

Grades can slip. Your teenager develops a negative self-image. Some adolescents will try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Others may become aggressive toward you or others.

When working with North Houston psychiatrists, you benefit from experts in the field. Your psychiatrist will start therapy with an assessment. This takes place in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. If something’s just a phase, the psychiatrist will tell you.

All the way through therapy, you’re welcome to provide input and insights. For example, adolescent counseling is an excellent therapeutic modality for this. It opens avenues of healthy communication between adults and adolescents. It also assists with boundary-setting, which becomes more critical as the teen reaches maturity.

Therapies That Help Adults, Too

One size doesn’t fit all. North Houston psychiatrists recognize that every individual needs a customized therapeutic protocol. While problems may be similar across any age group, the way each person processes an issue differs. Examples of modalities include:

  • Individual therapy that gives you an opportunity to discuss topics with an expert
  • Peer counseling in group therapy sessions, which provides positive feedback and also builds self-esteem
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones for a holistic approach
  • Behavioral therapy as a means of changing areas of negative thinking and acting out with healthier habits
  • Medication therapy management in situations where people can benefit from pharmacological support

In some situations, coming in to see North Houston psychiatrists can uncover an underlying disorder. Examples include ADHD, depression, or anxiety. Sometimes, these conditions have genetic components. If you or another close family member struggle with one of these conditions, getting help now is vital.

Don’t let your adolescent struggle while maturing into a young adult. In the same way, you don’t have to go through life feeling like something’s wrong. At PACE Mental Health Houston, friendly therapists routinely work with teens and adults. Call 866.971.8423 today to learn more about mental health therapy.