Far too many people mistakenly believe that their health insurance only covers therapy for physical conditions. In reality, mental health insurance coverage is widespread. If you struggle with mental health conditions, then your health insurance policy will cover a variety of therapeutic options. Learn more about what to expect from your coverage and how to understand the fine print.

The Mental Health Parity Law

A woman explains mental health insurance coverage options to a woman with mental health insurance Houston providesIn decades past, mental health insurance coverage wasn’t always as comprehensive as it is today. Now, however, the United States has a mental health parity law. This means that there can’t be more restrictive policy wording for mental health care when compared to physical health care.

This is an important step because it shows that mental health care matters. While depression and anxiety might not be as visible as a broken leg, they still require therapy. Mental health insurance covers all kinds of mental health disorders, and federal law ensures that the coverage is the same as for physical ailments.

Keep in mind that the mental health insurance Houston has to offer, or coverage anywhere else in the country, can exclude certain conditions. That’s why it is always crucial that individuals read through their mental health insurance policies. In certain cases, preexisting conditions may mean that the policy excludes specific conditions and therapies. This does not violate the mental health parity law.

Understanding Deductibles

A deductible is a set amount of money that you’ll need to pay out of pocket before your health insurance kicks in. This amount will vary depending on the costs and the nature of your individual policy. Thanks to the mental health parity law, that deductible should be one price regardless of the kind of therapy or the health of the client.

A deductible restarts each year, so it is a recurring expense. Prospective clients should read through their policies and identify their deductibles to better plan for any out-of-pocket costs. Some high-end health insurance policies have minimal deductibles, but they can also be thousands of dollars a year.

Copay Variations

Using mental health insurance at Houston mental health clinics will often involve a copay. A copay is the amount that clients pay out of pocket for each therapy session or doctor’s visit. Although you might have mental health insurance coverage, you may still have to pay a small copay each time you receive therapy.

Once again, the exact copay you can expect will depend on the individual policy you have. Typically, a copy is just $10 or $20 per visit, but some variations exist depending on the specific policy.

Network Providers

Your mental health insurance coverage might specify that you need to seek out therapy from an in-network provider. A network is a system of medical professionals with which the insurance company recognizes and works. Getting mental health care outside of that network might involve additional costs, but it is always worth checking first. Ideally, clients find the right therapy first and then figure out how to make the insurance work after the fact. Insurance Providers we work with include:

Using Your Mental Health Insurance Coverage at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you’re ready to use your mental health insurance in Houston, then PACE Mental Health Houston may be the right choice. PACE Houston accepts a wide range of health insurance policies, allowing clients to get high-quality therapy without paying too much out of pocket. Most importantly, PACE Mental Health Houston allows you to use mental health insurance coverage for all of the following:

Mental health insurance can keep therapy costs down and help you get the best possible therapy. If you’re searching for a mental health clinic Houston offers, try PACE Mental Health Houston. With the right support, you’ll be ready to take back control over your life and finding fulfillment and overall wellness. Call 866.971.8423 to learn more about your therapy options today.