Dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, has long been misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Individuals that struggle with this diagnosis need therapy, but they also need support. At PACE Mental Health Houston, individuals can get the help they need. Take a closer look at what Houston multiple personality disorder therapy looks like for those at PACE Mental Health.

Complete Intake Exam and Diagnosis

a man on a roof thinks about how he needs houston multiple personality disorder therapy from a houston multiple personality disorder psychiatristIf you’re looking to meet with a Houston multiple personality disorder psychiatrist, always check to see what their intake process is like. Sometimes, a psychiatrist or a service provider will dive right into therapy on day one. While that sounds like a good thing, it means that there hasn’t been a comprehensive intake assessment.

Recognizing a multiple personality disorder can be tricky. After all, some mental illnesses can be similar. The right Houston multiple personality disorder psychiatrist will begin with a psych eval and a brief consultation.

This does more than just get a better picture of each individual who needs help. The assessment paves the way for a more accurate diagnosis. It also makes it easier to plan for the road ahead.

Trauma Therapy

During Houston multiple personality disorder therapy, one thing you’ll repeatedly hear is that there is no definitive cause for the disorder. Sometimes, it is hard to identify what caused the disorder. In other cases, it is easy to pinpoint the moment when disassociation began.

Often, multiple personality disorder can stem from traumatic experiences. This could include living through a hurricane, growing up with domestic abuse, or having a loved one pass away unexpectedly. The disorder can be a response to these experiences.

That’s why one effective means of Houston multiple personality disorder therapy is trauma therapy. This seeks to identify and then resolve the trauma that existed in the past. Some people know all about the trauma in their past, and others cover it up as much as possible. Revealing and then working through this trauma can have a substantial positive impact on mental health.

Alternative Therapies That Can Help

If you’re able to meet with a PACE Mental Health Houston multiple personality disorder psychiatrist, then psychotherapy will be the preferred type of therapy. However, alternative therapies can be incredibly helpful as well.

When you spend time learning how to manage stress, for example, you might realize that daily gym sessions are useful for you. Alternatively, you might discover a love for yoga or painting. Through mindfulness meditation, you might start to appreciate the joy of having a few minutes of stillness each morning. Even if a therapy isn’t evidence-based, it can still offer benefits to those seeking better mental and physical health.

Recognizing Co-Occurring Disorders

Through Houston multiple personality disorder therapy, many people can improve their mental health. Keep in mind that while multiple personality disorder may be the primary issue, it is common for this to be part of a co-occurring disorder. Should there be another concern, it is essential to get help for both problems at the same time.

Often, multiple personality disorder can be found alongside depression, anxiety, or panic disorders. Other individuals might struggle with substance abuse disorders, particularly because drugs and alcohol can feel like a way to self-medicate. Occasionally, those who struggle with multiple personality disorders will also suffer from eating disorders. Dual diagnosis is key to helping address all of these concerns simultaneously and from the same convenient location.

PACE Mental Health Houston Multiple Personality Disorder Therapy

If you’re looking for North Houston psychiatry services, then look no further than PACE Mental Health Houston. This is the ideal place to kickstart your journey to better mental health, and for many people that starts with multiple personality disorder therapy. At PACE Mental Health, therapy is comprehensive and tailored to the individual. Just some of the various therapies available include the following:

You can manage your multiple personality disorder. All it takes is professional support and care. Through PACE Mental Health Houston multiple personality disorder therapy, you can improve your mental health. Call 866.971.8423 to learn more and to find the therapy that works best for you.