When people have a mental disorder such as dissociative identity disorder (DID), finding reliable care is very important. This very complex psychological condition is usually the result of many factors. Overcoming it requires a reliable dissociative identity disorder therapy program.

What Is DID?

A woman talks to a Houston dissociative disorder therapy psychiatristMany people might not know this mental disorder as DID. However, they’ve likely heard of it at some point. DID is the name that experts use to refer to multiple personality disorder.

It occurs when people’s identities fragment into multiple pieces. There’s no limit to the number of fragments into which their identities can break. In general, however, they must have at least two or more distinct identities to have DID.

There are several types of events that can cause DID to develop. Usually, it comes about after abuse of some kind. For example, victims of extreme sexual or physical abuse have a risk of developing DID. Other times, people develop DID as the result of trauma.

While most people typically experience trauma of some kind during their lives, DID is still a rare condition. The brain can naturally deal with trauma safely and healthily. When it fails to process trauma correctly, though, people run the risk of developing mental disorders, including DID. Once they develop this disorder, they need dissociative identity disorder therapy to control it.

DID Symptoms

Before people can look for a Houston dissociative identity disorder therapy psychiatrist, they must know that they need help. Thankfully, they can watch for key symptoms that might indicate signs of DID.

Signs of multiple identities is the most obvious symptom. When people have DID, they tend to switch between these identities. However, there’s no set time in which they switch. Sometimes it only takes seconds to switch, but it can take days other times.

In fact, specific events can actually trigger switching. After all, sometimes people develop these identities to deal with particular situations. For example, someone with a history of sexual trauma might switch identities during intimacy. A Houston dissociative identity disorder therapy psychiatrist can help unpack the reasons behind the switch.

People who suffer from DID often have memory problems or gaps in their memory. These lapses are the result of the other identities protecting them from possible trauma. Memory issues are so common with DID that people seeking help also need Houston memory problems therapy as well.

Dissociative Identity Disorder Therapy

Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for DID. With that said, long-term counseling can help people get a handle on this mental disorder. Houston dissociative identity disorder therapy typically includes talking to a therapist or psychiatrist.

In some cases, Houston dissociative identity disorder therapy also includes hypnotherapy. Studies show that the alternate identities may be more cooperative while people are under hypnosis. While dissociative identity disorder therapy is helpful, sometimes it’s not enough. Some people have to take medications to maintain control over this condition.

Let PACE Mental Health Houston Help You

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