The best mental health therapy involves multiple approaches to help patients heal. Cognitive behavioral therapy has helped many people achieve stability and embrace a new beginning. Learn more about CBT and how it helps patients overcome mental health challenges.

Defining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Woman on couch undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy CBTCognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a psychological intervention that can be very useful in the therapy of various mental illnesses. This technique focuses on helping individuals identify and change problematic thoughts and actions. Rather than diving into distant past experiences, CBT attempts to place primary focus on providing immediate solutions to existing issues.

What Conditions Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treat?

CBT is useful for all types of mental or behavioral health struggles. In fact, it can also help patients manage substance abuse or addiction-related issues. For example, psychotic disorder therapy often includes cognitive behavioral therapy in combination with medication. In some cases, a mental health condition can exist alongside a substance abuse problem. In these types of situations, each condition must be treated in its own unique manner. However, CBT can help with both issues.

Benefits of CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy offers many unique benefits that can touch many aspects of a person’s life. Consider the following list of advantages:

Greater Ability to Recognize Problems

In order to change problematic thoughts and actions, people must first acknowledge they exist. CBT can help patients identify these problems at their core.

Acknowledging Weaknesses

During mental health therapy, it can be helpful to understand areas of weakness. Each individual has his or her own unique challenges when it comes to mental health conditions. Once individuals begin to understand their flaws, it can allow for positive change.

Tools to Manage Self-Defeating Thought Patterns

Therapists often use CBT as an opportunity to teach effective strategies for managing stress, reducing anxiety, and promoting happiness. Additionally, they teach individuals how to turn self-defeating thoughts into positive ones.

Greater Self-Confidence

It’s common for patients who suffer from a mental health disorder to exhibit a lack of confidence. Gaining a control over negative thoughts can increase a person’s self-worth, satisfaction, and happiness.

Relief from Crippling Anxiety

Anxiety often exhibits as a direct result of negative thoughts. Making positive changes to these negative thought patterns can promote relaxation and inner peace.

Finding a Beneficial Therapeutic Clinic

CBT is one of many different types of therapeutic health and counseling services. However, you may wish to inquire about a clinic’s other therapeutic modalities. You may also choose to look for a clinic that promotes family involvement, holistic wellness approaches, and long-term support options.

The Best Ways to Support a Loved One

When a loved one is suffering from a mental health condition, take heart in the fact that many Houston behavioral health services are available for your benefit. As you search for the right mental health clinic for your needs, continue to show loving support for your relative. If nothing else, you can always offer a shoulder to lean on during difficult times.

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If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health challenges, it’s not too late to live a happy and fulfilling life. Call PACE Mental Health Houston now at 866.971.8423 to find out how cognitive behavioral therapy can help you heal.