Experiences in life can disrupt a person’s sense of wholeness. Certain things can leave individuals feeling as though they will never get back to a sense of normalcy. Relationships can become difficult, and day-to-day tasks seem unbearable. Individual therapy can be an effective therapy to help this person deal with emotional and mental problems.

Taking that first step, however, may feel uncomfortable. Even though patients’ lives are chaotic, unhappiness is familiar. Those unbearable moments are predictable and become comfortable. Therapy, on the other hand, is an unknown, which makes feelings of uncertainty natural.

PACE Mental Health Houston understands that adjusting to therapeutic help takes time. Our therapists help patients explore the sources of their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Together, we create a customized therapeutic plan that helps individuals work toward healing.

What to Expect During Individual Therapy

Man undergoing individual therapy at PACE Mental Health HoustonDuring individual therapy sessions, patients and therapists form partnerships. Together, they work toward solving problems and achieving goals.

Each session may not be a pleasant experience. It’s normal for frustrations and painful memories to surface during therapy. Even with these sensitive moments, therapists work to promote a safe and comfortable atmosphere where individuals can share thoughts.

How Individual Therapy Helps

Voicing worries or concerns to an objective ear can help patients gain a new perspective on their situation. It also feels good knowing someone wants to listen without judgment.

During individual therapy, individuals learn better-coping skills when faced with the stressors of daily life. Instead of reverting to the symptoms of their condition, they make different choices with better outcomes.

As part of our therapeutic health and counseling services at PACE Houston, individual therapy can assist people in:

  • Overcoming Fears
  • Making sense of past traumatic experiences
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Establishing a stable routine
  • Ending destructive habits

Advantages of Individual Therapy

Disclosing personal information during group therapy can feel uncomfortable for some people. One-on-one sessions allow individuals to honestly express otherwise embarrassing details that are significant to their healing. These types of sessions can move at a pace that supports the person’s needs.

During individual therapy, a therapist may uncover co-occurring disorders that require dual diagnosis therapy and assessment. It’s possible that a person may have more than one mental health issue. Dealing with one separate from the other limits the efficacy of therapy. The intimate nature of the relationship makes it easier to explore both conditions simultaneously.

Come to PACE Mental Health Houston for Individualized Therapy

PACE Mental Health Houston strongly believes that therapy shouldn’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, we create specialized therapy plans based on individual needs. For instance, therapists may use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that works to reverse negative thought patterns. Often, core beliefs or thoughts contribute to negative emotions. Uncovering such patterns can help you change and act differently to reach desired goals.

Dialectical behavior therapy is another option we offer to help you understand your personal responsibility in healing. You will learn how to change unhealthy, disruptive behaviors that interfere with living your best life.

We treat many types of mental health conditions that may limit your progress. These include:

Mental illness does not have to control your life. PACE Houston is ready to help you find the inner strength to begin leading the life you deserve. Call us today at 866.971.8423 to begin a new way of thinking, acting and feeling.