Many children receive Houston childhood depression therapy after suffering from the condition for a while. However, it’s easy to miss the persistent sadness a child displays. Parents and caregivers might misinterpret it as a phase that the child eventually snaps out of. However, that’s typically not the case.

What Childhood Depression Looks Like

A girl in need of a houston childhood depression therapy psychiatrist looks upsetPersistent sadness is only one aspect of the condition. In its wake, the child may also act out in inappropriate ways. Your child may have anger issues, break things, or lash out verbally at others. Parents typically deal with these symptoms without realizing that there’s another cause at work.

Over time, the depression and its symptoms progress. Your child may express feelings of hopelessness. They’re frequently tired, listless, or overly sensitive to others’ words. At school, teachers report that your child isn’t concentrating or delivering quality work.

Both boys and girls suffer from depression. Sometimes, the condition goes hand in hand with another disorder. A good example is ADHD, which also affects both genders. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pinpoint what causes childhood depression.

A Houston childhood depression therapy psychiatrist understands that causes run the gamut. Sometimes, genetics are in play. At other times, there are situations in the child’s environment that contribute to the condition. No matter how it happened, it’s vital to enroll your child in Houston childhood depression therapy.

Starting Houston Childhood Depression Therapy is a Family Affair

You’re probably feeling at your wit’s end. You want to help your child but don’t know how. Of course, childhood depression requires professional intervention. It isn’t something that somehow resolves itself with time.

The best Houston child depression therapy psychiatrist will use a multi-faceted approach. Examples of possible modalities include:

  • A complete psychiatric assessment and evaluation for other conditions that might make depression worse
  • Psychotherapy in an individual as well as in a group setting to help children find ways of dealing with feelings
  • Pharmacological support that assists with chemical imbalances and makes it easier for the child to respond to therapy
  • Family counseling, which helps all members change dysfunctional patterns and re-evaluate roles and communication styles
  • Medication management therapy that ensures the child’s regimen remains appropriate as they age and conditions change

Some parents worry about medicating a child with depression. They fear chemical dependency and side effects. It’s important to understand that several antidepressants have received approval for childhood use. Moreover, therapists supervise and review the pharmacological support at all times.

What Happens If I Don’t Seek Help for My Child?

Depression won’t go away by itself. Houston childhood depression therapy ensures that your child gets the help they need as early as possible. If you deny therapy to your child, the condition likely worsens. There are situations where adolescents with untreated depression self-medicate with drugs.

Moreover, there’s a good chance that their adolescence will lead to acting-out behaviors that you’ll find detrimental. Even if this doesn’t happen, consider that your child will grow up to become an adult with untreated depression. They may not understand why they feel so different from everyone else. That said, you can prevent these possible outcomes by bringing your child to a Houston childhood depression therapy psychiatrist.

In the long term, there’s a good chance that depression is chronic. However, you and your child can now collaborate to put systems of handling it in place. Your child doesn’t have to suffer the way that some adults do. PACE Mental Health has a Houston family therapy program facilitates this level of interaction.

Getting the Help Your Child Needs for Depression is Just a Phone Call Away

Are you ready to make lasting changes in your family’s dynamics? Houston childhood depression therapy can seem scary at first until you see the rewarding outcomes. Find out more about your options today. Call PACE Mental Health Houston by dialing 866.971.8423 now.