Social anxiety disorder, a type of social phobia, makes you limit your life in many ways. You fear speaking to others, socializing, or going to new places, especially alone. However, you can take control of your life and phobias through social phobia therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston.

Do I Need Social Phobia Therapy?

a stressed man is in need of Houston social phobia therapy from a Houston social phobia psychiatristSocial phobia therapy helps people with the fear of many social situations, such as dating, dining out, interviewing for a job or public speaking. Because you fear these things, you avoid them. This leads to low life fulfillment, depression, and low self-esteem.

However, you can learn how to relax in these situations you fear, through social phobia therapy. Through your therapy, you learn how to achieve your life goals and enjoy greater social connections. You also build self-esteem, recover from depression, and release much of the stress you feel in your life.

What Social Phobia Therapy Includes

Houston social phobia therapy usually includes one or more types of behavioral therapy. A good example of therapies proven to work for social anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT. In about a dozen to 16 CBT sessions, you start building confidence, learn coping skills, and engage more in the world around you. When stress arises in your socialization or other aspects of life, skills learned in CBT help you resolve those feelings and stay on track.

You and your Houston social phobia psychiatrist work together to know which aspects of your life and behaviors need most work. Throughout the course of your therapy sessions, you notice positive changes in how you engage in and enjoy the world around you. This keeps you motivated for even greater change and continuing your therapy.

Houston social anxiety therapy often involves role play or skills training. However, you usually focus on your present-day needs, as opposed to the past, during your sessions. Like many skills, socializing takes learning and practice. Therapy provides a forum for both of those needs, with you also practicing your skills outside of the therapy environment.

Sometimes other factors in your life add to your anxiety. This is why your therapist possibly looks at your sleep patterns, exercise, substance abuse or caffeine intake, to help you understand the big picture of your overall mental wellness.

Medication as Part of Your Social Anxiety Therapy

Along with Houston social phobia therapy, you possibly need helpful medication. Medication treats anxiety symptoms, depression, or other mental health conditions. The prescribed drugs you use work along with social phobia therapy for your best wellness and personal growth.

Medication alone does not treat anxiety or social phobia. It also takes time for medications to take effect, usually up to six weeks. Sometimes you and your therapist must work together to find the right medication and dosage for your specific needs.

Houston Social Phobia Therapy

Your Houston social anxiety therapy takes place at PACE Mental Health Houston. This therapy includes an individualized treatment plan designed around your specific needs. So what works for your anxiety relief proves unique to you.

PACE Mental Health Houston treats a wide range of mental health conditions like social anxiety. Services and therapies provided for your best mental health and happiness include the following:

When you struggle with daily anxiety and social phobia, call PACE Mental Health Houston at 866.971.8423. Through short wait times and flexible appointment scheduling, you can quickly start the social phobia therapy you need for a better life. So call now.