Down syndrome is an example of a neurodevelopmental disorder. While there is no cure for Down syndrome, there are ways to help people with the disorder live full and healthy lives. Down syndrome therapy has the potential to improve lives, and that can begin very early on after the diagnosis. Children, as well as adults, can benefit from therapy that targets Down syndrome and any related conditions.

Early Intervention Options

a mother and her daughter are happy after a session with a Houston down syndrome therapy psychiatristIn some cases, it is possible to identify and diagnose Down syndrome before birth. Prenatal diagnostic and screening tests can help women get information about their unborn children earlier than ever before. Doctors often use blood tests and ultrasound tests together to identify if Down syndrome is present.

However, a true diagnosis usually can’t be made until after the birth. A newborn might have some physical signs of Down syndrome, but that might not be obvious right away. To confirm the diagnosis, a blood test will determine the number of chromosomes and give a definitive answer to parents.

The good news is that once you have a definite diagnosis, you can start to meet with a Houston down syndrome therapy psychiatrist. Keep in mind that newborns won’t necessarily require any kind of therapy right away. However, meeting with a psychiatrist can help parents understand what unique challenges their child might face and how to deliver the best possible quality of life every step of the way.

Identifying Related Medical Conditions

Down syndrome therapy often involves identifying any related conditions. In many cases, individuals with Down syndrome are prone to a handful of medical issues. To start, hearing loss is common alongside Down syndrome. Catching this early can be a big step in the right direction.

Similarly, those with Down syndrome may be more likely to struggle with eyesight concerns. Sleep issues are also common. It is vital to recognize these problems even if communication isn’t perfect. That way, people with Down syndrome can lead the best lives possible.

Physical Therapy For Greater Independence

From a very early age, physical Down syndrome therapy is essential. Human development and the ability to handle everyday tasks is built on a foundation of basic motor skills. If an infant takes longer than normal to learn how to turn over, it might delay other developmental stages. If physical therapy starts early, however, every step becomes easier along the way.

Meeting with a Houston Down syndrome therapy psychiatrist at PACE Mental Health can also involve occupational therapy. This can include learning adaptive techniques that improve everyday life. This might consist of new resources or equipment that make it easier to eat, write or get around. At every age, people with Down syndrome deserve an age-appropriate level of independence and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Emotional and Behavioral Therapy

Frustration is common among people with Down syndrome. This is especially true among children and teens, many of whom just want to be understood by their loved ones and their peers. Some people may act out or develop behavioral issues that stem from a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Fortunately, Down syndrome therapy can start to address some of these issues. Children, teens, and adults alike can develop their own coping mechanisms for times of stress. They can also learn new ways of communication to facilitate better understanding in all kinds of environments and situations. Finally, therapists can help people comes to terms with any strong emotions and deal with them in the healthiest way possible.

Beginning Down Syndrome Therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston

At PACE Mental Health Houston, you can expect support that addresses Down syndrome as well as related health conditions. Through neurodevelopmental disorders therapy, people from all walks of life can see significant improvements. Meeting with a Houston Down syndrome therapy psychiatrist can be incredibly beneficial, and at PACE Mental Health Houston you can also expect all of the following:

  • Short wait times
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Comprehensive care options
  • Full psychiatric evaluation on day one
  • Therapy for co-occurring disorders available

Down syndrome therapy can help people live beyond their diagnosis and have full, happy and independent lives. Call PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, at 866.971.8423 to learn more about therapy options that might work for you.