Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, can significantly reduce your quality of life. Seasonal depression typically impacts people in the winter months, and it can lead to symptoms like losing interest in your favorite activities, feeling sluggish, noting changes to appetite and weight, or just having trouble sleeping. Fortunately, seasonal depression treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston can boost energy and eliminate many of these symptoms.

The Value of Light Therapy

A woman looks out the window thinking about her need for seasonal depression treatmentSeasonal depression can impact people differently depending on the season. Overwhelmingly, however, it appears during the winter. This coincides with reduced sunlight, particularly for people who work traditional office hours and miss the sunshine altogether. The good news is that light therapy can start to improve mood and reduce the symptoms of seasonal depression.

Lightboxes emit artificial light that mimics natural sunshine. People can use these boxes in the home, in the office, or even in a medical environment. While it is easy to find lightboxes for sale, they are not all the same. It is essential to talk with a medical professional to determine what kind of light therapy will be the most beneficial for your particular symptoms.

Medication Therapy Management

Seasonal depression is a unique condition. However, it is still a depressive disorder. That means that certain medications can target it. This is especially true for individuals who struggle with severe seasonal depression that prevents them from working or socializing.

An antidepressant won’t work right away, however. Plus, it isn’t always obvious what kind of antidepressant works best or what the dosage should be. All of these factors need to be monitored carefully, and only a medical professional can make those calls. Medication therapy management works best in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

One-on-One Psychotherapy

One of the most effective means of seasonal depression treatment is psychotherapy. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy helps people identify the triggers that make them feel worst. Plus, it allows people to talk about some of the ways that they can improve their mood.

In psychotherapy, you can learn about how to manage your stress during the winter. You can work with a therapist and create a schedule for each day so that you leave plenty of time for self-care. You can also talk about the things that bother you the most and get helpful feedback on how to change those things or work past them.

Establish a Stronger Mind to Body Connection

Seasonal depressive treatment will be the most effective if it addresses both the physical and psychological causes. While antidepressants and lightboxes can target some of the physical reasons for SAD, they may not be comprehensive. Addressing mindfulness is an important part of the equation.

Sometimes, relaxation techniques are sufficient. Practicing yoga or stretching for a few minutes each day without distractions can be a great place to start. Other people find that guided meditation or even spiritual development is helpful.

Learning About Lifestyle and Alternative Remedies

Of course, lifestyle remedies on their own won’t be enough to target seasonal depression. However, they can be an effective way to supplement seasonal depression treatment. In therapy, you can meet with a medical professional who will suggest various lifestyle remedies that could make a difference for you.

One recommendation is to spend as much time outside as possible, even in the cold. Spending 30 minutes eating lunch in the fresh air, for example, could help. Other recommendations can include regular exercise, which studies show combats seasonal depression for many people.

Seasonal Depression Treatment at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you’re searching for Houston seasonal affective disorder therapy, then consider PACE Mental Health Houston. Medical professionals can help you address any number of conditions, including seasonal depression. Seasonal depression treatment can fit into your lifestyle, and PACE Mental Health can deliver all of the following:

Seasonal depression treatment can make it easier to enjoy winter. At PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, you can overcome seasonal depression and stabilize your mood whatever the weather. Learn more about mental health therapy by calling 866.971.8423.