Every mental health disorder deserves unique treatment. While some people need lots of behavioral therapy and group therapy, others thrive in a one-on-one environment or rely on medication. For many people, a medication management clinic is a right choice for ongoing medication-assisted therapy. Learn more about medication management, the kind of help that’s available and how PACE Mental Health in Houston can support you along the way.

Treating Mental Health Disorders With Medication

Doctor at medication management clinic explaining medication to a patientA mental or behavioral disorder will often benefit from therapy. Although methods like talk therapy or group therapy can be incredibly beneficial, sometimes medication is also necessary. Using medication is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a tool that can help you overcome a range of side effects and lead a healthier, happier life.

However, there are also some risks involved with taking certain medications. For example, some medications used for depression, anxiety or panic attacks can be used recreationally. It is also possible for people to take medication along with other substances that cause harmful side effects.

To minimize these risks, many people turn to a medication management clinic. This is a place where you can go to take medication, pick up the next dose and stay accountable to your health. If you’re looking for a medication management clinic in Houston, then PACE Mental Health could be ideal.

Monitoring Dosage

One of the primary goals of a prescription medication management clinic in Houston is making sure that everyone takes the right dose. Prescription medications can be very powerful, and an overdose can lead to discomfort or to a fatality. In some cases, individuals diagnosed with a mental health disorder can’t reliably take the right dose of their medication.

In other cases, individuals might intentionally skip a dose of their medication. Unfortunately, this can lead to worsening symptoms that put might others at risk. At a medication management clinic in Houston, you will have peace of mind that you’re taking the correct medication in the right amounts.

Administering Medications to Minimize Side Effects

Beyond dosage, there are other aspects of prescription medication management that are vital to consider. To start, some people can expect to experience side effects as a result of their medication. While these side effects are sometimes unavoidable, it is still important for a medical professional to evaluate them on a regular basis.

The person taking the medication might not realize the changes as they are happening. With medication management in Houston, however, someone trained in medication administration will be able to supervise and monitor the situation. If side effects worsen over time, then switching to a new medication or changing the dosage might be the right answer.

Combining Medication With Other Therapies

Houston medication therapy management is just one part of addressing a mental health disorder. Although therapy can lead to a number of positive benefits, it can’t be used on its own. Instead, it should be combined with a range of therapies for maximum advantage.

Rather than having individuals get medication in one place and therapy in another, it makes sense to focus all treatment in one convenient location. This way, both medication, and therapy can be adjusted in real time as necessary. This saves you time, and it also ensures accurate, immediate care from one single clinic.

Using PACE Mental Health as Your Medication Management Clinic

Before you’ll know whether you need medication-assisted therapy, you need a full psychiatric evaluation at PACE Mental Health. This is the best way to assess your mental health and get an accurate diagnosis. Then, if you’re ready for therapy, PACE Mental Health in Houston can be your source for talk therapy as well as medication-assisted therapy. All of the following treatment types are available at PACE Mental Health:

A medication management clinic in Houston can be a great resource as you safely pursue medication-assisted therapy. PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, can act as your one-stop destination for all types of prescription medication management and therapy. Schedule a psychiatric evaluation by calling 866.971.8423.