a woman looks sad as she deals with holiday depression or depression during the holidays or the holiday blues

How to Deal With Holiday Depression

When people think of the holidays, having a joyous time with friends and family often comes to mind. However, the holidays can also cause a lot of depression for some people. In fact, studies show that depression cases spike between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. If you struggle with holiday depression, it’s crucial that you know…

a man wonders what are neurodevelopmental disorders

What Are Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

What are neurodevelopmental disorders? The broadest way to define them is that they are mental disorders. More specifically, they are often permanent brain disorders that impact brain function and therefore emotion, memory, and learning capability. Learn more about the most common types of neurodevelopmental disorders and how we can help. ADHD If you’re asking, “What…

A man recognizes that it is International Survivors of Suicide Day on November 17, 2018

Recognizing International Survivors of Suicide Day

Although millions of Americans struggle with mental illness, there is still a significant stigma around getting help. Sadly, this can lead to undiagnosed mental illnesses. In some cases, individuals commit suicide as a way to deal with their inner turmoil. We honor those who have lost a loved one to suicide through International Survivors of…

a woman wonders how to increase serotonin levels after learning of her serotonin deficiency

How to Increase Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a significant role in the function of the body. Everything from sleep to appetite to mood depends partly on serotonin, so not having enough of the neurotransmitter can lead to problems. Knowing how to increase serotonin could have a positive impact on some health conditions. Fortunately, there are several…

A handshake represents that Dr. G.K. Ravichandran psychiatrist Houston patients can now go to PACE Mental Health Houston

PACE Mental Health Houston Welcomes Patients of Dr. G.K. Ravichandran

With the recent passing of Dr. G.K. Ravichandran, PACE Mental Health Houston wants to assure his former patients that their health and wellbeing is a priority for the Houston psychiatric community. We know that finding a psychiatrist that you can trust can be difficult. Therefore, we want to open our doors to any former patients…

A woman wonders if she meets the psychological disorders definition

What is the Psychological Disorders Definition?

Mental illness can be challenging to acknowledge or recognize because it’s different from a physical illness. It’s much easier to know when you have a cold or an upset stomach because the body lets you know. Having a mental illness is much different because you can’t see or physically feel the illness. It’s important to…

A woman looks sad as she wonders do I have a personality disorder

Do I Have a Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders have a terrible stigma around them, but it’s typically due to a lack of education about the illness. Many people who struggle with a personality disorder don’t even realize they have one, but it can be challenging. When you’re struggling with a personality disorder, your life and relationships can be extremely unmanageable. You…

A woman sits outside thinking about how did Hurricane Harvey affect Houston

How Did Hurricane Harvey Affect Houston Residents’ Mental Health?

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. How did Hurricane Harvey affect Houston? To start, the storm killed more than 100 people in the United States and caused upwards of $100 billion in damage. Often overlooked, however, is how Hurricane Harvey impacted the mental health of Houston residents. Hurricane Harvey Was a Traumatic Experience Unless…