The stigma surrounding mental health support is at an all-time low, which is fantastic news. Both men and women struggle with mental health, but therapy can help. Womens mental health therapy is essential, and finding the right therapist makes all the difference. Find out why PACE Mental Health Houston can be the right choice for women seeking support and care for mental health issues.

Mental Health Issues Common Among Women

a woman meets with a Houston womens mental health therapy psychiatristA womens mental health clinic can address all kinds of mental health issues. Men and women can both suffer from all types of disorders, and there is really no such thing as a condition that only ever impacts just men or just women. However, there is no denying that women can struggle with certain conditions more than men. By acknowledging that fact, womens mental health therapy can hone in on a more accurate diagnosis in less time.

One particular area where this is very clear is eating disorders. Women are almost 10 times more likely to struggle with anorexia or bulimia than men. Therefore, a womens mental health therapy psychiatrist should be familiar with these symptoms and how to resolve them.

Other mental health issues that are common among women include the following disorders:

Therapy That Focuses on Issues Specific to Women

Whatever mental health issue you want to overcome, there will be critical issues that you need to address. These are often unique to the individual. Depression can arise because of financial problems or because you aren’t taking the right kind of medication, among countless other reasons. However, women are more likely to want to discuss some key topics, so therapists should be prepared.

Sexism and oppression are common issues that generally impact women rather than men. Women may be excluded from certain activities or they may be denied certain rights, all of which can be harmful to mental health. Women are also more likely to struggle with domestic and sexual abuse.

Issues pertaining to parenthood impact men and women alike. Nonetheless, motherhood is an especially troubling topic for many women. From anxiety about being the perfect mother to reproductive health woes, there are many topics that women might want to address in therapy.

Finally, many women struggle with body image issues. This has to do both with the way that the media portrays women and how women view themselves. Fortunately, women can discuss this topic and others in therapy.

Does the Sex of the Therapist Matter?

Both men and women can be incredible therapists. In some cases, however, women prefer to meet with a female therapist. There are plenty of good reasons to consider this when seeking womens mental health therapy.

If you’ve been struggling with sexual or domestic abuse, for example, you might find it hard to open up to a male therapist. You might find it easier to be honest and vulnerable with a female therapist in that situation. If you find this to be the case, don’t be afraid to speak up and request a womens mental health therapy psychiatrist who also happens to be a woman.

Getting Womens Mental Health Therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston

If you’re ready to seek out womens mental health therapy, don’t assume it needs to come from a womens mental health clinic. PACE delivers Houston adult psychiatry support to both men and women, but women can expect plenty of targeted care when necessary.

At PACE Mental Health Houston, you’ll be able to address a wide range of mental health issues as well as any co-occurring disorders. You can also look forward to individualized care that takes the person, not just their symptoms, into consideration. Other benefits of therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston include the following:

  • Short wait times
  • Flexible appointments that fit your schedule
  • Support for a variety of disorders
  • Dual diagnosis help
  • Comprehensive care

Although professionals are making improvements every day, womens mental health therapy often doesn’t get the focus it deserves. If you are struggling with your mental health, PACE Mental Health Houston can help. Call 866.971.8423 and get a full psychiatric evaluation and consultation right away.