In the United States, far too many men avoid getting support for mental health issues. Some even consider the lack of quality mens mental health therapy as a crisis. Men and women both struggle with mental health issues, but men are far less likely to get help. At PACE Mental Health Houston, men can meet with a psychiatrist and get the support they need to lead healthier and happier lives.

Removing the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

a man meets with a Houston mens mental health therapy psychiatristIn theory, men have the same opportunities to meet with a psychiatrist as women do. In reality, however, there are a lot more obstacles for men. Perhaps most importantly, society has a stigma against men needing mental health support. This is a misguided and even dangerous philosophy.

If a man has diabetes or cancer, then he will probably get help right away. If that same man struggles with anxiety or depression, however, he is far less likely to get help. Our culture asks that men keep their emotions bottled up and their problems silent, which means that men don’t want to reach out or admit they have a problem. This in and of itself means that men have to work harder to get the support they need.

Men as Providers and its Impact on Mental Health

Head to a mens mental health clinic and speak to some of the men and you’ll likely find that each man has his own reason for seeing help. However, a very common pressure that contributes to a man’s mental health is the need to provide. From a very young age, men are told that they need to be the financial providers for the family. This is a huge responsibility, and even those who work hard can’t always make ends meet.

Add in crippling student debt for many men, not to mention the worry of the economy, and it is easy to see how this creates real problems for men. Men who aren’t able to provide enough for their spouses, parents or children may feel inadequate. When we measure men by financial contribution, it can lead to serious mental health concerns. Fortunately, speaking with a mens mental health therapy psychiatrist can help men deal with this issue.

Coping Mechanisms For Men

Mens mental health therapy can serve as an outlet for men who struggle to express their emotions. If men don’t feel that they can be open and honest about needing mental health support, they often turn to coping mechanisms instead. Although some coping mechanisms are healthy, others can create even more significant problems.

One such example is substance abuse. If a man feels overwhelmed and doesn’t get the support needed, he might turn to alcohol or drugs. This is a natural reaction to unmanaged stress or trauma. Of course, this usually worsens a person’s mental health and reinforces the need for mens mental health therapy in the future.

Mental Disorders That Can Impact Men

A mens mental health clinic should address a wide range of mental health concerns. There are almost no mental health disorders that just impact men or just impact women. However, there are some conditions that you’re more likely to find among men.

Overall, men are more likely to become addicted to alcohol and drugs. This happens primarily because men are more likely to abuse those substances.

Men are also more likely to have suicidal thoughts and then act on those thoughts. Therefore, a mens mental health therapy psychiatrist should be ready and able to act if signs of suicidal thoughts are visible.

Mens Mental Health Therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston

Mens mental health therapy is clearly essential. Just as important is choosing to get high-quality therapy and support for mental health issues. If you’re in Houston and looking for adult counseling, then PACE Mental Health Houston is a great choice. At PACE Houston, you can expect all of the following benefits:

  • Targeted support for men
  • Complete psychiatric evaluation
  • Appointments that suit your schedule
  • Short wait times for appointments
  • Therapy for a wide range of mental health concerns

Mens mental health therapy is critical, and no men should be ashamed of getting help. Call PACE Mental Health in Houston, Texas, at 866.971.8423 if you or your loved one is ready to get support for any mental health issue.