Deficiencies in how the brain develops can cause neurodevelopmental disorders. These conditions impair a child’s self-control, memory, emotion, and learning ability. Typically, these disorders begin at an early age and continue to unfold as the child gets older.

The range of developmental deficits may vary. One child may have specific problems with learning or behavior control, while social skills or a limited intelligence level may affect another child.

Co-occurring disorders are common. For instance, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may also have a language processing disorder.

PACE Mental Health Houston, a behavioral disorders treatment facility, provides quality treatment that addresses different cognitive, behavioral, and emotional conditions. We proudly offer treatment specifically intended to help children and adolescents who struggle with limiting neurological deficits.

Regardless of their condition, we believe that every child is capable of learning. It’s our commitment to make sure they can live fulfilling, happy lives.

Characterizing Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Young man in need of neurodevelopmental disorders treatmentDisorders that may influence a child’s functioning or performance include:

  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Communication disorders
  • Intellectual development
  • Motor disorders

Additionally, it’s not unusual for a child diagnosed with one disorder to have another co-existing condition.

Signs characterizing these disorders show that a child isn’t on target for their developmental stages. Early signs of deficits may appear before a child enters elementary school. Disorders that cause brain deficits can limit a child’s learning capacity and intelligence. These conditions can also interrupt normal behavior patterns associated with maintaining self-control and social skills.

Can Neurodevelopmental Disorders Treatment Help?

While no cures currently exist for neurodevelopmental disorders, therapy and medication are available for children, adolescents, and adults. At PACE Mental Health Houston, our goal is to help children and their families learn about their disorder. We support the entire family in managing symptoms that could limit daily activities.

Our in-depth knowledge in treating disorders that affect the brain’s development. We work to change the way a disorder can impede a child’s progress. PACE Houston also uses up-to-date information to diagnose any co-occurring psychiatric disorders. This ensures the child and their family get the most out of our treatment services.

About Neurodevelopmental Disorders at PACE Mental Health Houston

The primary goal of treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders is to help them develop to their fullest potential. Keep in mind, however, that not all children will respond the same to specific treatment options. A personalized treatment plan is best to ensure a child receives the care they need.

It’s important to diagnose the type of neurodevelopmental deficit and whether another disorder is present. How the disorder interferes with the child’s learning and daily activities also factor into the care they receive.

Age and general health can determine if a child would respond well to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Used as a form of ADHD treatment, behavioral intervention can help guide a child in ways to act differently. CBT can also help children diagnosed with autism.

Family counseling and support is crucial to a child’s progress during treatment. PACE Houston strives to support children and their families with hope while addressing their condition.

Medication may also help reduce some symptoms like attention problems. We discuss with the family using medication as part of a treatment plan.

Some children may respond well to a combination of therapies and medications.

Our Philosophy for Treating Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Every child is unique. PACE Houston behavioral health services are here to help them grow and develop into their best possible selves. Our mental health clinic is dedicated to helping children and adolescents live productive, healthy lives. We offer personalized treatment that emphasizes their inherent strengths.

Our compassionate staff will help you create a plan that addresses functioning that is age-appropriate for your child. We offer services such as:

PACE Mental Health Houston sees more than just a patient’s symptoms. We see a complete person and work with them to ensure lasting success. Call us today at (866) 971-8423 so we can help you and your child find a new beginning.