Sleep disorders can do more than just interrupt a good night of sleep. If they leave you tired, they could be severely impacting your quality of life. Your work, health, and relationships can all suffer due to a sleeping disorder. Fortunately, Houston sleeping disorders therapy can make a big difference. Explore some of the many therapeutic options that are available below.

Treating Underlying Issues

A man explains his insomnia to his Houston sleeping disorders therapy psychiatristMany Houston sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrists focus on the symptoms of the disorder. While there are physical symptoms that a professional should notice and treat, there are also often underlying issues that need attention.

For example, it is common for people with sleeping disorders to also struggle with another kind of mental health disorder. This might be depression or anxiety, for example. Those concerns can often lead to sleeping disorders, or at least worsen their symptoms.

By exploring new ways to treat those underlying issues, you’ll be better equipped to fight back against sleeping disorders. Often, the best forms of Houston sleeping disorders therapy can get to the root of the problem, rather than just addressing the most visible symptoms.

Implementing Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, the most effective sleeping disorders therapies don’t involve surgery, therapy, or any other drastic measures. Instead, lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your sleep, so they are always worth trying out for yourself.

If you struggle with insomnia, for example, avoiding caffeine might help. Many people also find that avoiding alcohol can improve their sleeping disorders in a big way. You might find that regular exercise in the morning improves your sleep, or you might find that avoiding screens in the hours before bed can make a difference. With the right help, you can learn more about effective lifestyle changes and implement them in your daily routine.

Altering Your Sleep Schedule

Certain sleeping disorders can also be improved thanks to a new sleep schedule. If you have insomnia, for example, it makes sense to avoid all naps. It can also be helpful to wake up at the same time each morning and to go to bed at the same time each night.

If you have narcolepsy, however, that whole plan would need to change. Instead, it might make sense to plan naps into each day to prevent yourself from ever getting overtired. Specialists can work with you to create a sleep schedule that is most conducive to your lifestyle and your sleeping disorder.

Learning New Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is a key aspect of sleeping well on a regular basis. While it is not as simple as telling a person with narcolepsy or sleep apnea to just relax, some techniques can start to help.

Practicing yoga or meditation is proven to improve quality and duration of sleep. If you have anxiety which is leading to insomnia, then relaxation could be a tremendous help.

Trying Positional Therapy

Believe it or not, the most effective Houston sleeping disorders therapy involves learning how to sleep in new positions. If you suffer from sleep apnea, for example, you might notice that symptoms are worse when you’re sleeping on your back. Learning to sleep on your side, either with the help of pillows or a specifically-designed device, can cut down on discomfort.

It is not uncommon to discover that just by sleeping in a new way, you can sleep better. Trained staff can explore various options with you and make recommendations based on the sleeping disorder you’re currently facing.

Get Houston Sleeping Disorders Therapy at PACE Mental Health Houston

At PACE Mental Health Houston, you can get help for your sleep disorder. In addition to the long list of Houston sleeping disorders therapy options, PACE provides support for additional underlying issues. If you’re looking for sleeping or mental health support, all of the following disorders can improve thanks to our North Houston psychiatry help:

A Houston sleeping disorders therapy psychiatrist can improve your sleep and your overall quality of life. At PACE Mental Health Houston, you’ll be able to get the care you need. Call 866.971.8423 to learn more about sleeping disorder therapy.