Women often struggle with behavioral health problems in pregnancy and the early days of motherhood. Many people still fear stigmas of these problems and do not get the help they need. However, this help is readily available to you, to help you overcome the hurdles you face in pregnancy or after your baby’s birth. Find the perinatal psychiatry you need at PACE Mental Health Houston.

What Is Perinatal Psychiatry?

a pregnant woman utilizes perinatal psychiatry in HoustonPerinatal psychiatry includes a range of therapies and approaches that help women seeking to become pregnant, those in pregnancy, or new mothers after the birth of their child. This help focuses on mental and behavioral health needs typically arising during these important life stages.

Far too few people take advantage of perinatal psychiatry. However, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence when you experience depression, anxiety or other mental health problems. Pregnancy and childbirth change your physical and mental health in many ways, leading to both temporary and lasting effects. By dealing with these effects head-on, you improve your daily life and your baby’s experience.

Who Benefits from Perinatal Psychiatry?

Perinatal psychiatry in Houston benefits a wide range of women and their families. These women include those with psychiatric disorders before, during and after pregnancy, such as:

  • Women seeking to become pregnant
  • Pregnant, nursing or new moms needing medication consultation
  • Pregnant women seeking stability during gestation
  • Women dealing with miscarriage or birth of medically challenged babies
  • Women with postpartum depression
  • Teens dealing with pregnancy and motherhood
  • Pregnant or postpartum women suffering complex medical or social issues with emotional distress

Almost 80 percent of new mothers go through some form of anxiety and depression during or after pregnancy. Society calls these feelings the “baby blues.” However, these blues include treatable mood, anxiety, and mental health problems. This means suffering in silence makes no sense when the relief you need exists.

Who Provides Perinatal Psychiatric Services?

PACE Mental Health Houston provides the perinatal psychiatry in Houston that you need, such as Houston postpartum depression therapy. At PACE Mental Health Houston, you gain access to a wide range of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your best mental health before pregnancy, during your baby’s pre-term growth and after your new bundle of joy arrives.

The team of PACE Mental Health Houston includes many levels of behavioral health experts. These are psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, counselors, psychologists, and others with extensive education, training, and experience in behavioral health. Many specialize in reproductive mental health and women’s health issues. This means you gain the expert help you need without any stigma.

At PACE Mental Health Houston, you gain an individualized therapy plan that meets your unique needs. This plan addresses your mental, medical, social, spiritual, and cultural factors. Through quality mental health services, you gain the best outlook for a healthy future and the best health of your family.

Perinatal Psychiatric Services Provided by PACE Mental Health Houston

When you seek help from PACE Mental Health Houston, you gain access to appointments with short wait times and flexible scheduling. This means you start feeling better sooner, rather than having to wait for the help you need. Perinatal psychiatry in Houston at PACE Mental Health includes:

This psychiatric care address a wide range of mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, bipolar disorder, anger, ADHD, eating disorders, OCD, and panic disorder. You also gain help for PTSD, sleep disorders, social phobias, stress, and personality disorders.

Dealing with the “baby blues” means suffering for you, your baby and the rest of your family. Stop suffering and seek the help available to you at PACE Mental Health Houston. Call for your perinatal psychiatry now at 866.971.8423.