Although abnormal eating habits characterize an eating disorder, this complex condition isn’t about food. An eating disorder arises from underlying issues such as abuse, low self-esteem, past trauma, and difficulty communicating negative emotions. As a result, individuals try to control their lives by fixating on food and body weight. For some individuals, it starts as simply eating more, or less, than usual. Left unchecked, however, the behavior spirals out of control and soon takes over the individual’s life. Nevertheless, an individual’s quality of life, relationships, and even employment will diminish without some form of intervention. Getting eating disorder treatment before it becomes emotionally devastating or life-threatening is critical.

PACE Mental Health Houston specializes in treating anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. We also treat other mental issues that obstruct people’s lives. Our mental health clinic provides a safe, nurturing environment with personalized care. Learn more about PACE Houston and how we can help you build a foundation for lasting freedom.

What Causes the Need for Eating Disorder Treatment?

Woman in need of eating disorder treatmentAt PACE Mental Health Houston, we look at a range of issues that can cause an eating disorder. For too long, our culture equates a thin body with success and beauty. Young women and men can fall prey to peer pressure and media images that reinforce this expectation.

In addition to societal expectations, various psychological, environmental, and biological factors can influence an individual’s susceptibility to develop an eating disorder. Regardless of why it develops, formulating an eating disorder treatment plan is necessary when an individual begins a distorted relationship with food to deal with psychological issues.

Depression and anxiety are two problems that may contribute to this condition. Additionally, a history of sexual abuse or negative family relationships can also trigger an eating disorder. Severe trauma occurring within a dysfunctional family dynamic can lead an untreated mind to find other ways to cope.

Even in homes without trauma or dysfunction, family connections can still lead to an individual developing a negative relationship with food. In fact, some individuals genetically vulnerable to eating disorders. They’re far more likely to develop a condition if one of their family members struggled with it previously.

Understanding Eating Disorder Treatment Options

The severity and complexity of bulimia or binge eating often require comprehensive treatment. A professional team specializing in eating disorders is one thing that stands out about PACE Houston.

We work with individuals to design plans that address their concerns with trying to restore their health and well-being. Various treatment options make it possible to tailor services based on symptoms and other complications.

Treatment at our Houston mental health clinic may begin with psychotherapy sessions. Individual and group sessions help individuals understand their disease process.

An eating disorder does not just impact the individual. Therapy for the family engages everyone in the process to build a supportive environment for healing.

Specialized Eating Disorder Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

Another distinction about PACE Houston is that we offer specialized treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Some abnormal relationships with food stem from an existing behavioral health or mental health condition.

Some individuals deal with anxiety, depression, or substance abuse in addition to an eating disorder. When these conditions coexist with an eating disorder, dual diagnosis treatment looks beyond labels. We evaluate the individual’s situation by examining their personal experiences. This allows us to develop a plan that treats both conditions at the same time.

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Though the road to overcoming an eating disorder is often challenging and difficult, our Houston behavioral health services offer hope. At PACE Mental Health Houston, we firmly believe that healing is possible for anyone struggling with a dysfunctional relationship with food. Our clinic offers:

Nothing is more valuable than your life. Learning about how PACE Houston can help you regain your life back is the first step on a priceless journey. Call us today at (866) 971-8423.