When dealing with a mental health condition in Houston, you need to have professionals and experts handling your case. Mental illnesses are defined as health conditions that affect a person’s emotions, behavior, and daily life. Mental health conditions are just as important to a person’s health as a physical health condition is. That’s why it’s critical that psychiatric and counseling experts in Houston provide treatment if you have a mental health issue.

Houston adult psychiatry is a growing field, and it’s really not surprising. With one in five adult Texans predicted to have a mental health need at some point in their life, it’s no wonder that the need for mental health services is exploding. However, it’s important to keep in mind that mental health illness is a health condition and must be treated as such. When searching for your psychiatry clinic, it’s imperative to connect with Houston psychiatric counseling experts.

Types of Mental Health Conditions Require Psychiatric and Counseling Experts in HoustonPsychiatric and Counseling Experts Houston trust

Many different mental health illnesses need the care of a psychiatric expert. Some of these include:

Anxiety Disorders: These can include panic disorders, social phobia, or other phobias that are anxiety-based

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: This condition arises when someone suffers a traumatic incident

Bipolar Disorder: This mental health disorder is characterized by a person’s emotions going from extreme lows to extreme highs

Depression: When someone has clinical depression, they find it difficult to cope or function

Eating Disorders: Food tends to take control of the person who is battling an eating disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive: People who have obsessive-compulsive disorder have unwanted thoughts that they obsess over and that lead them to perform behaviors over and over sometimes in a ritualistic manner.

Personality Disorders: This condition makes it difficult to relate to situations and people

These are just a few of the mental health conditions that require the guidance and treatment of psychiatric and counseling experts in Houston. Moreover, medical experts will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your condition, which is critical in treatment. Based on your symptoms and personal history, the psychiatrist will evaluate your mental health situation and come to a proper diagnosis. This aids in the administering of medication-based treatment as well as psychotherapy.

What to Look for in a Psychiatric Clinic

Not only do you want to see Houston psychiatric counseling experts, but you want one that is highly capable. There are certain qualifications, skills, and experiences that you can look for in the psychiatric staff such as:

  • Board-certified forensic psychiatrist on staff
  • Staff represents a wide variety of experience
  • Serve in different capacities overall (medical, professor, law, etc.)
  • Have experience in hospital and clinical settings
  • Members of associations and organizations related to psychiatry
  • Volunteer work in general
  • Compassionate, caring, and creative

Introducing PACE Mental Health

Your search for Houston psychiatric counseling experts is over when you meet the staff at Pace Mental Health. Their combined years in the field, as well as their diverse psychiatric experience, will be a resource for you. Our lead doctor is a board-certified Forensic Psychiatrist who served as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Texas for a year.

For example, some of the services we offer include:

Don’t let a mental illness hamper your future plans. Let our psychiatric and counseling experts in Houston help you find a new beginning. Contact us at 866.971.8423 to start your journey to healing today.